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This Week's Winner

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Congratulations, Mary C. You won this week's random drawing!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's Book From The Vault

Today's Book From the Vault is:
Special Mission by Debby Mayne

She thought he was the one.

Kim thought David was her knight in shining armor. But can she compete with the blinding passion he has for his military career? Will David realize that in making life-changing decisions without consulting Kim, he is pushing his finacee out of his life?

Brian and Kim have been best friends since childhood, but as he watches her romance fall apart, Brian finds his own heart changing. How can he continue to comfort and support her only as a friend when he longs to love her fully instead?

All three must examine the true meaning of loyalty, of friendship, and of love - and whether being "honorable" means being false to oneself. Will they find the answers within their own desires, or look to God for guidance and release?

What is the last book you've read?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Two with Julie Jarnagin!

My debut novel, Canyon Walls, touches on the delicate female relationships within a splintered family. Cassie, the heroine of the story, has strained relationships with her mother and sister that are full of past hurts, initiated by a difficult season in their lives.

Like any family my sister, my mom, and I have also gone through many difficult seasons together, including losing my father when I was a teenager and walking through my mother's breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. She's been cancer free for two years. Praise God! I'm blessed to say that although painful to go through, these things have brought us closer together.

Through the hard times, I've clung to the truth that the Lord is able to use those times for good. Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that in all things God works fr the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (NIV)

I'm thankful to have these two amazing women in my life. My sister, Amy, is a grade school counselor who is truly passionate about working with her students. My mom, Rosemarie, loves her three grandsons to pieces and spends much of her time tending to her gorgeous flowerbeds.

I truly believe we're at our strongest when all three of us are together, and we certainly have a lot of fun.

How have you been blessed by the women in your family?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day One with Julie Jarnagin!

Writing!photo © 2009 Markus | more info (via: Wylio)

I'm extremely excited to share my debut novel, Canyon Walls, with the Heartsong Presents readers. I didn't realize until after the book had been contracted that the spiritual theme of the book mirrored my journey to publication.

In Canyon Walls, the director of a summer camp fights to save the camp that changed her life. The tighter the heroine, Cassie, holds on to the camp, the further it slips away from her.

I had strived for publication for years before I felt God calling me to stop writing and give my dreams to him. Stop writing? I couldn't fathom how I would let it go. After a few tears and a lot of questions about why God would ask me to let it go, I submitted to Him.

I soon realized I had been spending so much time and energy on my dream of publication, I didn't know what to do with my free time. I had a single submission out to an editor, but I didn't give it much thought. I had truly handed it over to God. I had a new baby at home, so I obviously spent most of my time focused on my beautiful family. Outside of my family and my job, I didn't have anything to do.

I prayed about it, and I volunteered to lead the 6th grade girls' small group at my church. I learned to crochet by watching videos online. I took a knitting class. I joined the YMCA and started taking care of my body. I still missed writing, but slowly, I found other ways to fill my time and I was thankful for my life and all my blessings. God taught me so many lessons during that time.

About a year after I had handed my writing over to God, I opened my inbox and there it was - an email from JoAnne asking if my book was still available and congratulating me because she wanted to publish Canyon Walls.

God had reopened the door for me to start writing again, and this time, I had a whole new outlook. Sometimes we hold so tight to our dreams or the things we love here in this world when the only thing we need to do is give our hopes and dreams over to the one who created them - God. Psalm 37:4 says, "Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart."

My writing journey taught me I had to put my life and my dreams in His hands, and I had to do that through actions, not through words or empty prayers. I'm so thankful for the journey.

As for Cassie, you'll just have to read the book to see if she was able to save the camp.

Have you ever clung tightly to something and ultimately found freedom from handing it over to God?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Canyon Walls by Julie Jarnagin

This week's featured title is:
Canyon Walls by Julie Jarnagin

Sunset Camp changed Cassie's life, and she is determined to keep it alive.

Cassie Langley gladly accepts the iterim director position of the church camp she loved as a child. As the camp's financial mess comes to light, Cassie feels she must singlehandedly pull the camp out of near bankruptcy and make it viable again. But it seems there are forces working against her every step of the way.

Will Overman's dad has a plan for the camp, too. As the family's real estate firm is approached about brokering the sale of the camp, Will is given an opportunity to finalize this deal and move up the ranks of the family business. But as Will falls in love with the camp - and Cassie - the deal doesn't seem so cut-and-dried.

Can Will help Cassie save the camp and win her heart, too?

Key Verse:

Psalm 18:32-33 (New International Version)

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights.

Book Excerpt:

"That's crazy. . .Isn't it?"

"You've said yourself Mr. Hartley has threatened to shut us down. Word can get out pretty quickly. Maybe he's here scouting."

"Like a spy?"

Beth shrugged. "It could happen."

What if Will had been snooping in the kitchen? Maybe he was planning to turn the camp into a resort. The room with the Ping-Pong table would be turned into a spa and the cafeteria into a restaurant with white tablecloths and votives on tiny tables.

Cassie chased the thoughts of her mind. "Will seems pretty harmless."

Beth looked behind her and then leaned in close again. "I've heard his father had his eye on this camp for years, ever since he made so much money on the campgrounds south of town. He had meetings at the church headquarters in Oklahoma City, but they turned him down."

Cassie shielded her eyes from the sun.

"Be careful around him, Beth said. "His family is powerful."

JULIE JARNAGIN grew up in a rurla community where her family farmed and raised cattle, inspiring her to set much of her fiction in small towns. She earned a B.A. in Journalism/Professional Writing from the University of Oklahoma and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Her articles have appeared in local and national publications. Through her writing, she hopes to share stories that reflect God's love. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and young son.

This is Julie's first Heartsong Book...let's all welcome her!

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Today's Winner!

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This Week's Winner is:
Ane Mulligan!

Congrats, Ane! Just email us at heartsongblog[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know if you want Promise of Time, Promise of Tomorrow or ten Heartpoints to be used toward a future shipment of Heartsong Books!

Have a great Easter everyone!

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This Week's Book From The Vault!

This Week's Book From The Vault Is:
Promise of Time by S. Dionne Moore

Alaina just needs Jack to love her.

Alaina Morrison loves Jack Kelly. With her whole heart. So why won't he realize that all she wants is to get married and begin their new life together? She doesn't need a large home or new clothes or other things. She only needs him to actually spend time with her and to show her how much he loves her.

Jack Kelly loves Alaina Morrison. With his whole heart. So why won't she realize that he needs to work long hours to provide for her - and their possible future family - the things she deserves? He only needs her to be patient and understanding.

As dangerous floodwaters threaten their home of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, will Alaina and Jack allow God to bridge their growing differences with His unifying love?

Do you have fun Easter plans?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 2 with S. Dionne Moore!

In my past blogs for my books, I've talked at great lengths about the historical facts used to make stories come to life. But what about my characters? Who are they and how do I develop them? Evolve might be a better word. My characters generally develop traits based on what will be happening in the plot and what hurdles they will have to jump in order to reach a satisfying ending.

For Promise of Time the idea of two people falling in love across the lines that divided our nation in 1863 fascinated me. Ellie is a Northerner, Theo a Southerner, but Theo is first and foremost a man. A young man thrust into the atrocities of war because of the things he saw his family and friends suffer at the hands of the Yankees. He had watched the North wreak havoc on everything in the South and he wanted to fight to protect what was left.

From this I delved deeper into who I wanted this man to be. How did the realities of war affect him? Theo would, like many, be unprepared for the stark realization that it had become his job to shoot at a man just like himself, but labeled his "enemy."

But what if the months of war, of death and destruction became too much and he couldn't take it anymore? What if, on the eve of watching yet another friend die, he also saw a man who was his "enemy," but also a relative, murdered. . . ?

You can see the mire of questions I used to develop Theo into the character he became for Promise of Time. I wanted Ellie to be understanding of his mental anguish, thus she had experience working with the wounded in the aftermath at Gettysburg. But in spite of her compassion, wouldn't the idea of falling for a Rebel be repugnant to her. . .or could she see what others could not. That Theo was a man first, then a soldier.

How do you develop characters?

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day One With S. Dionne Moore!

One of the most interesting elements of my research for Promise of Time was discovering that Abraham Lincoln was not the featured speaker at the Gettysburg National Cemetery dedication ceremony. Edward Everett was so honored, and he was scheduled to speak before the president on that cloudy day in November of 1863. Everett was a man noted for quality speeches and deliveries, his reputation for excellence in speech-making already established, as well as his tendency toward being long-winded. President Lincoln must have known this, for he planned his speech to be short, coming in at about two minutes compared to Everett's two hours.

Even with two hours of talk time, Abraham Lincoln's speech became the most well-remembered of the two, probably in great part because of its brevity.

In this picture, the only know photo showing Lincoln at Gettysburg, the president is shown in the circle. His bodyguard is on his right.

Did you know that the Gettysburg Address was just over two minutes long? Such a short speech left such a large impact!

Monday, April 18, 2011

This Week's Featured Title!

This Week's Featured Title is:
Promise of Time by S. Dionne Moore
Ellie is sure her heart will never heal.

Ellie Lester sees time stretching endlessly after the death of her husband in the war that is tearing her country apart. She manages to find some purpose in helping slaves escape through the Underground Railroad. When her husband's cousin arrives, however, time seems to stand still. Is her heart awakening to something new?

Theodore Lester is determined to reach his cousin's widow in the North with the truth of her husband's death, even if he must flee from the Confederate Army. Seeing her again sparks something in his heart and makes him want to stop running. But he can't escape from his dreams. . .or himself.

Time promises to heal all wounds, but will Ellie and Theo allow God to work His timing in their lives and bring a new promise of love?

Key Verse:

Isaiah 60:20 Thy sun shall no more go down; neither shall thy moon withdraw itself: for the LORD shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended.

Excerpt from Promise of Time

Dim light streamed through the open cellar door and he could just make out the hole in the stone wall before the rustle of material forced him to retreat a step. He dared not take the path back to his corner in the dark, lest he know something over or disturb a jar. He stood, stock still, fear of discovery pressing down on his spine.

He heard the rush of breathing and the scraping of the stones. When he inched his head around the corner, he saw the outline of a woman, her dark clothes making her nearly invisible, only the soft sounds of the stones giving away her presence.

Ellie? He wanted to say the name but knew he must bide his time. Whatever she was doing, he must not startle her.

When the scraping of stones stopped, the woman retreated up the steps and lowered the cellar doors, leaving him encased in blackness once again.

S. DIONNE MOORE is a multi-published author who makes her home in Pennsylvania with her husband of twenty-one years and daughter. You can visit her at

Were any of your ancestors involved with the Underground Railroad?

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This Week's Winner!

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Congratulations, Carla Gade! You are this week's winner!

Please email us at heartsongblog[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know if you would like a copy of Love's Raid, The Prodigal Patriot or ten Heartpoints to be used toward a future shipment of Heartsong Books!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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This Week's Book From The Vault!

This Week's Book From the Vault is:
The Prodigal Patriot by Darlene Franklin

The Reids will not be scared away.

Sally Reid's family decides on a danger ous course when the Tories of Maple Notch, Vermont, chase Patriot families from their land. They make a home in a secluded cave nearby and farm their land by moonlight, working hard and waiting for the day when they can safely return home.

When Josiah Tuttle discovers their secret and offers to help, Sally doesn't know if she can trust him. After all, Josiah's father is one of the Tories who forced her family into hiding.

The Tuttles have already lost one son to the hated Patriot cause. How can Josiah both honor his grieving father and protect the woman he loves? When called upon to take a stand, which side will he choose? How can Sally and Josiah battle through the barriers separating them from love and forgiveness?

Would you be willing to live in a cave and farm by moonlight?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Two with Darlene Franklin

0303 Vermont fallphoto © 2004 Ken Traub | more info (via: Wylio)


With Love's Raid, I bid a fond adieu to the town of Maple Notch and the state of Vermont. I have dealt with these hardy New Englanders for almost ninety years of their time and not quite two years of my time.

I started out with my limited knowledge of Vermont: maple sugar candy (best stuff on earth!), covered bridges, northern New England, Green Mountains, Ethan Allan and the Green Mountain Boys. As a native New Englander, I understood something of the hearty nature of the early pioneers. To that I added a survey of Vermont's history and read several fantastic folk stories: Ann Story lived in a cave and farmed her land while her husband was away fighting the Revolutionary War (see Prodigal Patriot). Nathaniel Foster managed to grow a crop during 1816, the infamous Year of No Summer (when frost or snow killed crops every month of the year) by burning his tree stumps. His distribution of seed corn earned his community the name of "Egypt" (see Bridge to Love).

Another factor I hadn't considered initially was Vermont's proximity to New York. The Green Mountain Boys fought at the battle at Fort Ticonderoga in New York, a major part of the story in Prodigal Patriot. In Love's Raid, the heroine Clara Farley makes a pilgrimage to Seneca Falls, New York, the birthplace of the women's movement, while still in school.

Thanks to the readers of Heartsong Presents for coming along with me on the trip into Vermont's storied past. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Have anyone ever visited Vermont?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day One with Darlene Franklin!

Little Red  School Housephoto © 2008 liz west | more info (via: Wylio)

The story for Love's Raid was inspired by a little know (at least to me) battle of the Civil War: St. Albans Raid.

Several Confederate soldiers drifted into the town of St. Albans, Vermont, over the course of several days in October, 1864. On Wednesday the 19th, they held up three separate banks in St. Albans and claimed the town for the Confederacy.

By that point in the war, Sherman's Army had rolled through Atlanta. The Confederate Army came up with a daring plan: take refuge in neutral Canada and raid northern New England - sting the Union army enough to divert attention from the southern campaign in order to defend its northern borders.

The plan never went further than the single raid on St. Albans. After claiming the town, the soldiers took over $200,000 back across the border into Canada with them. The Canadians authorities refused to extradite the soldiers, and they were never brought to justice for robbing the banks.

When I read about the raid, I immediately asked myself "what if. . .there was a copycat crime after the raid?" That question led to Love's Raid. Constable Daniel Tuttle, a wounded Civil War veteran, seeks the men who rob his grandfather's bank - with the help of an inquisitive schoolmarm, of course.

It didn't hurt that I got to weave a little bit of mystery into the romance.

Have any of you heard of the St. Albans Raid before?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Love's Raid by Darlene Franklin

This Week's Featured Title Is:
Love's Raid by Darlene Franklin

Clara is resigned to be a spinster.

While other women in Maple Notch, Vermont, are married and raising children, Clara focuses her energies on creating an academy for girls so they can get a better education. She dreams of being able to vote and imagines a world where women could even run for office, an idea that evokes laughter or fear in all the men she knows. . .except for Daniel Tuttle.

Having returned from war missing part of one arm, Daniel is convinced no woman would want him. So he keeps his focus on his job as town constable. But even as he searches for the men who are robbing area banks and threatening his community, he cannot shake the vision of Clara's steady gray eyes, the challenge of her quick mind, and the strength of her faith in God. Will Clara and Daniel succeed in keeping love at arm's length? Or will their defenses fall to love's raid?

Key Verse:
Jeremiah 9:23-24 "Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows me."

Excerpt from Love's Raid:
For a moment, Daniel lost himself in the depths of Clara's charcoal-rimmed, gray eyes. He saw intelligence, and humor, and a liveliness she kept far too hidden. He was drawn to her, as helpless against the tug as metal drawn to a magnet, and he wanted to see more and more of her. "You have made some excellent observations about the robbery."

A pleased surprise lit her face, and he continued. "I would appreciate hearing your insight into this crime. Your feminine intellect" - her eyes flared at this turn of phrase - "approaches the problem from a different angle."

The glare softened.

He plunged ahead. "Are you willing to meet with me from time to time to discuss my progress in the investigation?"

She studied him, one gloved finger on her pursed lips, as if judging the genuineness of his request. The hand lowered and covered her heart. "I believe you mean it, Captain Tuttle."

He held back a smile and nodded.

She shook her head. "Few men of my acquaintance would ask a woman for advice on a criminal matter." She held out her hand. "It would be my honor, sir."

Honor. The word rang hollow in a heart wanting. . .what, he couldn't bring himself to put into words. He took her hand. "To our endeavor. May we find quick success."

Award-winning author and speaker DARLENE FRANKLIN recently returned to cowboy country - Oklahoma. The move was prompted by her desire to be close to her son's family: her daughter Jolene has preceded her into glory.

Darlene loves music, needlework, reading and reality TV. Talia, a Lynx point Siamese cat, proudly claims Darlene as her person. Darlene has published several titles with Barbour Publishing.

Visit Darlene's blog at for information on book giveaways and upcoming titles.

Do you know anyone who is a strong-spirited woman, like Clara?

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This Week's Winner!

Wild Flowersphoto © 2008 Craig ONeal | more info (via: Wylio)

Congratulations Jackie! You are the winner of this week's random drawing!

Just email us at heartsongblog[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know if you would like a copy of Redeeming Sarah's Present, Joanna's Adventure or ten Heartpoints to be used toward a future shipment! Have a great weekend!

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This Week's Book From the Vault!

This week's book from the vault is:

Joanna's Adventure by Mildred Colvin




Life in Cedar Bend, Kansas, has become one predictable day after another. Joanne Brady helps her father with his patients, smiles sweetly at her beau, and secretly chafes over the boredom of it all. She wonders, is this really all life is meant to be? Where is the romance? The adventures? And then one day she asks God to send her someone exciting and unpredictable...and dangerous. Clay Shepherd has been on the road all his life, moving from one wrangler job to the next, never staying long enough to put down roots. Unexpected events draw him back to the one place - and one girl - he remembers fondly. When Clay arrives in Cedar Bend, Joanna finds herself drawn to the charisma and excitment that surround him. But she knows he isn't a Christian and she shouldn't be unequally yoked. So why does she feel clay might be the answers to her prayers?

This sounds like a great story! What is your take on being unequally yoked? Is it an istant dealbreaker, or do you think people can change?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Two With Mildred Colvin!

Babyphoto © 2006 gabi menashe | more info (via: Wylio)
Have you ever known anyone who was adopted? Or have you ever known an adoptive mother or father? When I wrote Redeeming Sarah's Present, I knew it would become one of my favorites because I'm an adoptive mother. So this story of adoption and second chances is very close to my heart.

Sarah gave up a baby for adoption while she was still in high school. She and Kevin, as teenagers, thought they were in love until a wrong choice shattered their dreams and they had to sign away their parental rights. They broke up and Sarah chose to hate Kevin to ease the pain within. But Sarah did something that I believe should be a part of all adoptions. She asked the adoptive parents to correspond with her and send a picture once a year near their son's birthday. She went a step beyond by asking for a visit on his eighteenth birthday. Of course, she didn't know Kevin found out about this and requested the same for himself. You can read the book to see what happened at that meeting on Trey's eighteenth birthday.

I'm so glad that God made adoption an acceptable means of becoming a member of His family. People have often made comments about my children's "real" parents and I always ask if they mean their biological parents. My children are my children. 100%. I'm their mom. My husband's their dad. 100%. Isn't it the same way with our heavenly adoption? Aren't you glad we can know that God is truly, completely our Father? We have come from the world, but sin and death are no longer our real parents. Thank God that through adoption, we can enter into His home as His true children. Romans 8:15 says: "For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father."

Do you know any families who have adopted children?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day One with Mildred Colvin

Route 66photo © 2009 indichick7 more info (via: Wylio) When I was asked to write a blog about my newly released book, Redeeming Sarah's Present, I thought about the ideas authors get for books and how they evolve into the stories that will be read. The process of writing a book can be as varied as the number of authors, or even the number of books written. I do believe each of my books take a different path before arriving at the final story. Sarah began as a minor character in another book. In fact, she wasn't mentioned much at all in the first book. Then she got a little bigger role in the first book of this series, Facing Tessa's Past. That was when Kevin Nichols received his first mention by name.

Sarah Maddox and Kevin Nichols are characters in a series of three books set along Historic Route 66. I started these stories within a single thought of Route 66. I believe once, the setting even crossed the state line. As the characters settled in Illinois, and Heartsong Presents editor, JoAnne Simmons, suggested that the setting for the series be regional rather that confined in one state, I then considered placing each along Route 66 but still in Illinois. The next thought was that three stories, not limited to one state, could and probably should stretch out to include the entire length of the road. Since I grew up not far from a portion of that old road, I've always been interested in the many stories that must have happened along the entire length. So I welcomed the chance to make up and tell three of those stories.

Redeeming Sarah's Present, the second book, is set in Chicago, Illinois, where Route 66 began. Many years ago, I visited Amarillo, which is the setting for the first book in the series. Then a few years later, I visited Chicago and remember stopping at the beach by Lake Michigan. My, how impressive that huge lake is! Just as Sarah has never seen the ocean, neither have I, but looking out across that vast body of water, I imagined how the ocean must look. What I didn't know at that time was that I had been at the beginning of Route 66. We drove along South Lake Shore Drive where the Mother Road began just as Sarah did in her story. And while the beginning point of the road has moved as much as the rest of it has over the years, making it very hard to pinpoint, we were in the right area.

While I'm a small-town girl and usually set my stories in small towns, I must say that Chicago holds a wealth of potential for an author to write about. You will notice that Buckingham Fountain is mentioned more than once in Redeeming Sarah's Present. Sarah and Kevin visit the fountain twice with the second time being their most memorable. I can't believe how close I was to that fountain during my visit there, yet I didn't see it simply because I didn't know it existed. Sarah and Kevin had lived in Chicago without running into each other partly because they didn't know the other was there and partly because they were afraid of the emotions such a meeting would bring out. Maybe we miss wonderful experiences in life by not talking the time to learn new things or to step outside our comfort zone. That's something to think about.

What do you think? Do we miss out because we are unwilling to step outside of our comfort zones?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Redeeming Sarah's Present

This week's featured title is:
Redeeming Sarah's Present by Mildred Colvin

Will Sarah give Kevin a second chance?

Eighteen years ago, Sarah Maddox and Kevin Nichols gave their baby son up for adoption and went their separate ways. Now Trey Miller is graduating from high school and has agreed to meet the birth parents he never knew. Sarah, eager to see the eighteen-year-old boy she remembers as her tiny newborn is unprepared when Kevin shows up, too, and their lives become entangled once again.

Kevin wants to pursue a new relationship with the girl he's never forgotten, but how can he convince Sarah to give him a chance? He's just purchased and old building to tear down that happens to be Sarah's pet project, a home for pregnant teens, and he can't help stop the demolition of the building. Has he also destroyed his one chance to win Sarah's heart again?

Key Verse:
I Peter 1:18-19 - For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver and gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.

Book Excerpt:
"Bye, Trey. Tom. Mavis." She gave a brief wave and walked away before the tears came. While she could still see where to walk without making a fool of herself.

As she ran a fingertip under one eye, she bumped into a man standing at the edge of the grouping of tables. She swung to face him. "Oh, excuse me."

He touched her arms to steady her and jerked back as if she'd burned him. "No problem, although I hadn't expected to run into you. Literally or figuratively."

Sarah's gasp caught in her throat, as she looked up into the clear gray eyes of Kevin Nichols. She stepped back and in a low voice ground out, "What are you doing here?"

MILDRED COLVIN is a native Missourian with three children, one son-in-law, and two grandchildren. She and her husband spent most of their married life providing a home for foster children, but now enjoy baby-sitting the grandchildren. Mildred writes inspirational romance novels because in them the truth of God's presence, even in the midst of trouble, can be portrayed. Her desire is to continue writing stories that uplift and encourage.

I'm curious: did anyone play any good April Fool's Jokes this year?

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And the Winner is...

Fireworksphoto © 2006 William Cho | more info (via: Wylio)

Congratulations CatMom, you are this week's random drawing winner. Please send an email to heartsongblog @ gmail .com (without the spaces) with your address and let us know if you want a copy of Perfect Peace, Perfect Ways, or 10 Heartpoints to use towards a future shipment of Heartsong books.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week and to Jeri Odell for being a guest author. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!