Thursday, April 7, 2011

This Week's Book From the Vault!

This week's book from the vault is:

Joanna's Adventure by Mildred Colvin




Life in Cedar Bend, Kansas, has become one predictable day after another. Joanne Brady helps her father with his patients, smiles sweetly at her beau, and secretly chafes over the boredom of it all. She wonders, is this really all life is meant to be? Where is the romance? The adventures? And then one day she asks God to send her someone exciting and unpredictable...and dangerous. Clay Shepherd has been on the road all his life, moving from one wrangler job to the next, never staying long enough to put down roots. Unexpected events draw him back to the one place - and one girl - he remembers fondly. When Clay arrives in Cedar Bend, Joanna finds herself drawn to the charisma and excitment that surround him. But she knows he isn't a Christian and she shouldn't be unequally yoked. So why does she feel clay might be the answers to her prayers?

This sounds like a great story! What is your take on being unequally yoked? Is it an istant dealbreaker, or do you think people can change?


  1. Very important to be equally yoked......some do change, but not many, in my opinion.
    I think Mildred's book would be a great read!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful book & one I need to add to my library. As to being unequally yoked ~ I'm a firm believer in the power of God to change people every day.


  3. I so glad for everyone who stopped by this week. Some interesting conversations were started here. I love writing romances and delving into some of the same things we talked about. God's power to change lives is the reason we continue living and working for Him. I'm so glad He changed my husband before we married, because I'm afraid our marriage wouldn't have been the same if we'd been unequally yoked. God is good.