Monday, May 31, 2010

White Roses by Shannon Taylor Vannatter

HP 902
ISBN 978-1-60260-755-2

Grayson can’t seem to move on.

Pastor Grayson Sterling loves his wife. The problem is, Sara was killed by a hit-and-run driver two years ago. Grayson knows he needs to move on, that the continuing depth of his grief is not healthy for him or his young son. Desperate, he convinces his church to hire Mark Welch as associate pastor to relieve him of some of his load. When Adrea Welch arrives at his church with her brother, Grayson cannot deny his attraction to her.

For years, florist Adrea Welch has been artfully arranging white roses for Sara Sterling. Now those flowers are carried to the cemetery by a faithful, grieving husband. How can Adrea be so attracted to a man still devoted to his dead wife?

When secrets from Adrea’s past collide with their budding relationship, both she and Grayson must learn to lean on God’s abiding wisdom.

SHANNON TAYLOR VANNATTER is a stay-at-home mom/pastor’s wife/writer. When not writing, she runs circles in the care and feeding of her husband, Grant, their eight-year-old son, and their church congregation. Home is a central Arkansas zoo with two charcoal gray cats, a chocolate lab, a dragonfish, and three dachshunds in weenie dog heaven. If given the chance to clean house or write, she’d rather write. Her goal is to hire Alice from the Brady Bunch.

Did any of you watch the Brady Bunch? Who was your favorite character?


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  2. I loved the Brady Bunch and Marcia was my favorite character. We were about the same age, so I related to her. As for an Alice--sign me up!

  3. Marcia was my favorite too. She was a bit older than me, so I wanted to be her.

  4. Very fun question! I'd take an Alice too!

    Favorite Brady Bunch Character: Peter Brady.

  5. Okay Erica,

    Why Peter? Was he close to your age. I was in love with Greg.

  6. I'd like to have an Alice!

    I don't know if she was my favorite or not, but I did feel sorry for Jan. Loved Cindy's curls.

  7. Shannon,

    I think it might've been his curly hair. :)

    I did marry a man named Peter.

    I was only five when the Brady Bunch went off the air, so I've only seen it in reruns.

  8. Hee hee! Well, you asked, and you look way younger than me anyway. :)

  9. Linda,

    I love Cindy's curls and felt sorry for Jan too.


    Thanks, but I don't think so.

  10. My goodness, don't ask me that question!!! I don't really have a favorite Brady Bunch character, but, I'm probably the biggest Brady Bunch fan commenting on this blog post! I can watch an episode and tell you within the first few seconds what the episode is about! Also, I know a lot of the dialog by heart! I have a few favorite episodes: The Grand Canyon, Hawaii, When Marcia get's her nose bruised by the football (She dates Doug Simpson, big man on campus that episode)! I love it when TV Land hosts the Brady Bunch maraton!

  11. I remember the Brady Bunch and watched the ORIGINAL airing. Guess if I had to pick a favorite it would have been Jan because I always felt sorry for her.