Monday, February 15, 2010

The Marriage Masquerade by Erica Vetsch

HP #887
ISBN 978-1-60260-700-2

Noah just wants to start over.

Captain Noah Kennebrae can no longer deal with the shame and guilt from the wreck of his ship. So he changes his name and takes a job as assistant lighthouse keeper on Sutton Island, heedless of the marriage contract his grandfather has arranged for him. No woman in her right mind would want to marry him now, anyway.

Desperate to escape the calculating grasp of her father and his cronies, Anastasia Michaels leaves her home to take the unlikely job of housekeeper on a remote island. Knowing how terrified of water she is, surely her father would never think to look for her there.

But neither Nick nor Annie considered that God’s hand might be at work in their lives. When they each take things into their own hands, He must work a miracle to bring them back to His original plan.

Author of the week:

ERICA VETSCH is married to Peter
and keeps the company books for the
family lumber business. A home-school
mom to Heather and James, Erica
loves history, romance, and storytelling. Her
ideal vacation is taking her family to out-of-
the-way history museums and chatting to
curators about local history. She has a
Bachelor’s degree from Calvary Bible
College in Secondary Education:
Social Studies. You can find her on the web

The Monday morning question: Is Valentine's Day a favorite or yours? Why or why not?


  1. Seeing Erica's book cover put a smile on my face this morning. I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day. Depressing when your single. Stressful when you're in a relationship. Why should flowers, cards, candy, and gifts be the measure of how much you love someone?

  2. I love Valentine's Day and always have, even though I never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day until my first one with my now husband Doug when I was 22. Before I could celebrate romantic love on Valentine's Day, my family always made it a special, fun time to celebrate our love for each other. Sure, we should make our love known to each other all year, but I'm all for a designated day for it, too! Any reason to have a celebration sounds good to me. :)

  3. I love Valentine's Day. Like JoAnne's, my family made it about love in general, not just romantic love. My dad gave my mom, my sister and me a box of chocolates each year. Mom usually made cut out cookies or a heart shaped cake that we shared with our relatives that lived close. My husband and I give non-traditional gifts, like DVD's that we can enjoy for years to come.

  4. I love Valentine's Day. Granted, it is a little depressing when you are single and all your friends are in relationships, but as has been said several times already, my parents always made it simply about love. The three of us kids always got something--even now, I still get a card from my parents and grandparents, which just makes me feel happy.

  5. Not particularly-too commercialized. I loved making Valentine boxes as a kid, decorating them up.

    Love the cover--love lighthouses! As for the plot---what a riot! Please enter me. Thanks.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  6. ♥ I love the lighthouse on the cover; it's perfect! ♥

    Valentine's day has never been a very big deal at my house. I don't think I care much either way.


  7. Good morning!

    Valentine's Day. As JoAnne says, any excuse to celebrate is a good deal, but I don't go too overboard with it. A little candy, maybe a card.

    I'm always up for chocolate. :)

  8. I don't do Valentine's day, but this book looks good- I enjoy stories that the romance isn't always expected, until it happens!

  9. The book sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to read it for sure.

    Frances Devine

  10. I like Valentine's Day. Any excuse to remind those I love how much I love them is good. We mostly do fun, small, more personal stuff, and candy, than the big expensive commercial stuff.

    Love the book! The cover is perfect for it!

  11. Aaron McCarverFebruary 15, 2010

    I always enjoyed Valentine's Day as a kid. I loved getting those cards and trading with my classmates. I also loved the candy and other goodies. As a single adult, I don't not like the day. I see it as an opportunity to talk about the greatest love of my life, Jesus Christ, with those who need to hear of His love. The speaker at church yesterday spoke on brotherly love and I loved being reminded of how important it is to share good relationships with our fellow believers.

    And this book is great! I was fortunate and got to edit this one. Erica, as always, did a great job with the characters and plot. And if you enjoy Noah's story, just wait until Eli's story that is coming...!

  12. I love Valentine's Day. I enjoying finding a little something for my hubby, kids and grandkids that will make them smile. My hubby always gets me a dozen roses. I get flowers one time a year. Yep, February 14th. I can count on it like I can count on the sun rising each morning. It's sweet. And this year I got him a lemon tree. A writer friend said only in AZ could you find a lemon tree in February at Walmart. :-)

  13. As a child, Valentine's Day was my second favorite holiday (after Christmas!). Now as an adult it's still a nice holiday and a good time to remind family and friends how much I care about them. ~ Erica's book sounds wonderful, and I love that cover! Besides being a "cat person" I'm a "lighthouse person" too, LOL! Blessings, Patti Jo :)