Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guest Blog with Colleen Reece Day One

“Making God Smile”

Question: How do you make God smile?
Answer: Tell Him your plans.

I am a classic example of how true this is.

When I was a young adult and for years afterwards, I believed beyond the shadow of a doubt that my best service for God would be working with teens at Christian youth camps and retreats. I put everything I had into becoming an effective counselor, an interesting presenter, and a topnotch campfire leader. The rewards were great: seeing young people’s lives changed and knowing that in a small way, God was allowing me to be part of those changes.

I was also privileged to lend a listening ear and often had the opportunity to witness to co-workers during my twenty-four years as a school and government secretary. During those years, I learned the value of accepting God’s timing instead of my own. One specific incident stands out.

My parents were well-liked: a woodsman and a teacher in my small, western WA hometown. Everyone knew and respected me, as well. I was “their” school secretary. The roughest, toughest loggers and mill workers always gave me a smile and pleasant word. I knew without being told that if needed, they would mop up the ground with anyone who got out of line with me.

Used to this way of life, I was unpleasantly surprised when I moved to a city and encountered a married boss who showed budding signs of admiration—obvious enough that even this naive “country girl” could not mistake the signals. I squelched him, but all joy in my job fled. I began to pray that God would get me out of there. Immediately.

Weeks passed. I realized I was losing my joyous outlook on life. At last I prayed, “Okay, God, whatever You do is all right with me” and determined to make the best of the situation.

God left me on the job for another six months. During that time He gave me the opportunity to witness to a co-worker so deep in misery he was almost impossible to work with. I invited him to church. He came, again and again. A few months later, He re-dedicated his life to Christ and was baptized in a rushing stream. God eventually called him to become a minister.

I continued to serve at camps and on the job until I was in my early forties. Then God dramatically led me into a different and unexpected path.

One of my favorite Old Testament stories is found in Deuteronomy 2:3. God told Moses that he had “compassed the mountain” long enough—in other words, stayed long enough on that mountain. Now it was time for Moses to move on. God had other work for him to do.God did likewise with me. In 1977, He called me out of my satisfying rut. For several years I’d been writing Christian drama and skits for in-church presentations, as well as short inspirational articles and stories. Now He needed me to write full-time for Him.

I gave up camp counseling and with mixed emotions began to follow the winding road He laid out before me, a road that has brought me to where I am today.

Has God ever changed your direction mid-stream?
What is one of your favorite Bible stories?


  1. God changed my direction. I started seeking publication writing secular romance. When I was recovering from an ectopic pregnancy, my aunt gave me a book by Francine Rivers. I realized I was to use my writing for God's glory and switched to Inspirational Romance. An agent has my novel, Journey of Promise, and has pitched it to an editor.
    My favorite Bible story is about Joseph and how Pharoah had him interpert his dream. I think God has given me direction from a dream many times in my life.

  2. I changed direction when I quit teaching at a local high school and started homeschooling my children. Then God added to my responsibilities keeping the books for the family company and the opportunity to write novels.

    Favorite Bible Story? David and Goliath.

  3. I changed direction when God called me to write. I left an accounting job. It's interesting to me that all three of our changes involved writing. Now I work part time in my church's finance office.

    My favorite Bible story is Jesus with the woman at the well. I love His tenderness with her.