Monday, October 18, 2010


HP 922
ISBN 978-1-62626-005-7

Nick and Addy have some history.

Nick Martin and his four friends made a bet—the last guy to marry wins. The losers have to help plan and pay for the winner’s wedding. No way is Nick going to lose. But when Addy Wilson comes home to River Run, Nick’s interest in winning the silly bet begins to wane.

Addy Wilson’s plans aren’t working out. Six months after graduating college, she still has no job prospects. When her aunt is injured and can’t clean her clients’ homes, Addy temporarily moves back to her tiny hometown to help. Nick Martin, the guy she had a crush on when she was an awkward teenager, is one of Aunt Becky’s clients. But Addy is determined not to make a fool of herself over Nick again.

Will Nick and Addy let the childish things of the past stand in their way to love?

Key Verse: “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Philippians 4:11

JENNIFER JOHNSON and her unbelievably supportive husband, Albert, are happily married and raising Brooke, Hayley, and Allie, the three cutest young ladies on the planet. Besides being a middle school teacher, Jennifer loves to read, write, and chauffeur her girls. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Blessed beyond measure, Jennifer hopes to always think like a child—bigger than imaginable and with complete faith. Send her a note at
Have you ever, like Nick, made a crazy bet with friends, family or your spouse? What was the bet and did you win or lose?
Have you ever broken or sprained anything? What were your symptoms and how long til you felt better? The reason I asked, is that about an hour ago, while rock climbing with my two and a half year old grandson, I fell and twisted my ankle. I've never broken or sprained anything, until possibly now. And man does it hurt! Any advice is appreciated.


  1. I sprained my ankle about eighteen years ago, give or take. I was at my parents house and they had some loose boards outside their home. I tripped on one and twisted my ankle. It hurt like heck! Fortunately, it was my left ankle, so I was able to drive home. I couldn't walk for a day and it swelled so bad I couldn't wear shoes. I couldn't exercise for weeks and as it started healing, it looked even more ugly, like the pattern of broken glass appeared on my foot! I had to wear sneakers for weeks instead of my work shoes because of the pain! Doctor didn't do much except bandage it!

  2. ugh, ankle sprains. I have dislocated my ankle once and broken it once. I wish I could say it happened while I was rescuing a child from a burning building, but alas, the first happened when I tripped on a garden hose, and the second, walking down the stairs. Sigh. Such a klutz!

  3. Thanks, Cecelia. My foot is more swollen today than last night. I was hoping for the opposite.

    Jennifer's book sounds so good. I love her writing. I've never made a bet like Nick. Can't wait to see if he wins or loses. :-)

  4. Erica, you always make me laugh. Thanks for your witty comments. The plus side of this ankle is that I'm lounging around and can blog to my heart's content.

  5. Jennifer's book sounds very good! ~ Poor so sorry about your ankle, and hope it feels better soon. (Cannot give advice on sprains or breaks....but I've had more than my share of surgeries*sigh*). ~ Blessings, Patti Jo

  6. Jeri, you are too funny! Seriously though, I hope it heals soon.