Thursday, May 5, 2011

From the Vault!

Today's book from the vault is...
If the Dress Fits by Debby Mayne
HP 785

Cindi no longer believes in happily-ever-after.

Cindi is helping brides and living her dream by owning a bridal boutique and helping brides choose dresses for their unforgettable day. But her world crumbles when her parents announce their intentions to divorce. Bitter and disillusioned about marriage, Cindi decides to throw in the towel and sell her business. When Cindi's lost love from high school reappears as the potential buyer, her jaded heart warns her to stay away.

Jeremy Hayden is a changed man. Now a successful entrepreneur and business flipper, he jumped at the chance to own Cindi's store and her heart. Can he prove to Cindi he cares about more than just the business? Can Cindi forgive him for breaking her heart so many years ago?

As Cindi and Jeremy face their unresolved past and troublesome present, can they overcome the odds to make a lasting commitment?

The Spring season is a popular time for weddings. The bride-to-be tries her best to make her special day unique from other weddings. What are some unique ideas you have seen at weddings?


  1. One wedding I thought was clever was set up with tables for the guests and flowed easily from wedding to reception. It had an outdoor cafe theme and it was beautiful!

  2. Hey Debby,
    Just wanted to say congrats on this new series and all the success you are having. It is certainly very deserved!