Thursday, May 12, 2011

From the Vault

This week's title from the vault is...
Leave Me Never by Connie Stevens
HP 936

Does God keep His promises?

Mama always said He did, but Teresa isn't too sure. How many times did Mama tell her God would never leave her or forsake her? Yet, here she is - stuck in Willow Creek, Iowa with no food, no money, no home, no job. No future. Mama is dead and Papa left in the night without a word of farewell. Where are God's promises now? Maybe Papa's right, and she really is worthless - so worthless even God doesn't care about her.

When Gideon rescued a girl from a beating by her own father in the middle of the street, he never expected to fall in love. His own problems are overwhelming - his business is failing and his dreams look more doubtful by the minute. But he can't get Teresa out of his mind.

Maybe the promise to look to is that God works all things together for good for those who love Him - even when it seems like evil is winning.

It is hard to move forward when things get tough. What are some things you do to help you overcome obstacles?

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