Monday, June 6, 2011

White River Dreams by Frances Devine

This Week's Featured Title Is:
White River Dreams by Frances Devine

Lexi needs a change.

With her brother prepared to bring his new bride home to their Missouri farm, Lexie Rayton desired to make a change in her life. She is delighted when given the opportunity to care for two orphaned girls on a neighboring farm. But it is the girls' caregiver, Jack Sullivan, who captures her interest.

Jack Sullivan is willing to give up his beloved riverboat and enter into a marriage of convenience with Lexie in order to adopt the twin girls he adores. But when dreams of something more awaken his heart, will Lexie return his love?

Just when Jack and Lexie may achieve their hearts' desires, the girls' stepmother returns to claim them. Can faith and love restore Jack's and Lexie's White River dreams?

Key Verse:

Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

Proverbs 16:3

Book Excerpt:

Jack groaned and opened his eyes. Severe pain shot through his arm and shoulder, and his whole upper body was one big burning ache. He blinked and shook his head, then tried to sit up. Agonizing pain gripped him and he gasped.

"Woah there, pardner. I wouldn't try to get up just yet if I was you."

A blurry face bobbed in front of Jack's eyes and he blinked to try to clear his vision. "The fire. You were at the fire." The words weren't much more than a croak escaping Jack's raw, sore throat.

"That's right. You were shot. By the Bald Knobbers, I'd guess. My sister and I brought you home after you passed out."

A flash of blue and a cascade of black curls assaulted Jack's memories. Sister. No she wasn't just a dream and she wasn't the man's wife. Confusion swirled around his mind. Somehow he'd linked the woman from last night with the one who'd stepped in front of his horse.

Jack resisted the heaviness that pressed against his eyelids. There was something else he needed to remember. What? "The twins," he whispered.

"The girls went home with my sister. Don't worry. They'll love our farm. Lexie and Aunt Kate with take good care of them."

A niggling worry wormed its way around in Jack's head. He wasn't sure why.

FRANCES L. DEVINE grew up in the great state of Texas, where she wrote her first story at the age of nine. She moved to Southwest Missouri more than twenty years ago and fell in love with the hills, the fall colors, and Silver Dollar City. Frances has always loved to read, especially cozy mysteries, and considers herself blessed to have the opportunity to write in her favorite genre. She is the mother of seven adult children and has fourteen wonderful grandchildren. Frances is happy to hear from her fans. Email her at cozymysteries[at]aol[dot]com.

Does it finally feel like summer where you live?


  1. This story sounds lovely! :)

    It certainly does feel like summer here now. After a long, cold spring, we jumped into record heat this past week.

  2. It does feel like summer...August summer, not June!

  3. Yes, it is lovely! We've already been on one relaxing picnic in a beautiful spot in the mountains.