Thursday, November 4, 2010

From The Vault

Carousel Dreams

Ellie is furious. When Ellie discovers her recently deceased grandfather spent his entire life savings to purchase a carousel for their Great Salt Lake resort, she feels cheated. And she's not afraid to give a piece of her mind to the scoundrel who arrives to build the carousel. Bascom Anthony is back on the job. After a staged fire killed his wife and son two years ago, he had yet to build another carousel-until now. Time has mended Bascom's heart, but it has not ended the stalker's threats. The longer Bascom stays to finish his job, the more damaging events occur at Ellie's resort. Can Ellie's newfound faith help her overcome her distrust of Bascom? And can Bascom trust the Lord to protect Ellie and her daughter from the same fate that claimed his wife and son?

Did you love carousels as a kid, and how many still love them as adults?


  1. What's not to love? Where else do you get the chance to ride a giraffe, an elephant, or a purple horse?

  2. I love to watch them, and I love the beautiful carved horses and other animals, but I get too dizzy when I ride them!

  3. Ooohhh, this book sounds like a great story! ~ I've always loved carousels, but the last time I rode one (about 8 years ago) I almost felt sick. :( But they're still fun to watch!
    Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  4. I love carousels. :) Doesn't matter how old I am--riding those carousels at the fair is a must! ;)


  5. Carousels are so wonderful and cheering, I love them!

  6. I've noticed they all move at different speeds. The last one I rode I felt like I had to hang on or face being flung from the ride! LOL. I personally prefer the slow-moving, laid back carousels.

    I've always wanted to write a carousel-focused story and had a lot of fun with this one. I hope to write more in the future.


  7. I'm with Amber. I love them and will never grow too old.