Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Blog Day One with Donna Reimel Robinson

Once upon a time, in a house far, far away, lived a mother who made up stories. When she put her children to bed at night, they begged her to tell them a story. They especially liked the one about the bad tigers who kidnapped the two children and hid them away in a library in the desert. (Don’t remember how that one turned out!) Needless to say, that mommy needed help in her story-telling ability!

Years passed, and the mother (“Mom” by now) worked on endless story ideas, improving the believability factor as well as other components of writing (which are too numerous to go into). She finally figured out that novels were her forte, and she wrote several from start to finish (although she started a whole bunch and never finished them).

Finally in 2007, she received her first contact from Heartsong Presents (yea!) for her novel For the Love of Books, and the rest, as they say, is history. No, no! They’re contemporary novels, not historicals! In fact, the second one, The Thing About Beauty, is contemporarily coming out in the book club this month—November 2010. Book number three in this Wyoming series, No One But You, is coming out next year some time—in the future! (Definitely not historical!)

The author and her family nineteen years ago (definitely historical!) The Robinsons have four children, and now have six grandchildren. Please visit Donna’s website at: DonnaRobinsonBooks.com.

Question of the Day: What size is your family? Do you have a lot of brothers and sisters? A dozenchildren? How many grandchildren?


  1. Wow! Wonderful-looking family! Our family is small, only one son...no grandchildren yet since our son is only five years old! :-)

  2. My husband was one of eleven. I was one of four. We had three kids, and our fifth grandchild is due in February. Our oldest grandchild will be 3 in January. They are flying at us at warp speed, and it is a wonderful season!

  3. I'd love to know how the Tigers and the Desert Library story turned out! :)

    Lovely family photo.

    I'm the middle child of three, and I have two teen children.

  4. Cecelia, your grandmother days will come! Enjoy your son's growing up years.

    Jeri, we've had all our grandkids at once too! The oldest is four years and the youngest is two months. And all six from our two oldest children! Now our middle son is getting married in June. So I'm sure we'll have even more grandchildren eventually.

    Erica, I wish I could remember how that story turned out. too! It wasn't very realistic, as I recall, but the kids loved it. It's tiring to go through those years when our children are growing up, but we always have fond memories.

  5. I was the youngest of five and I have 7 wonderful kids and 14 angel grandchildren. I loved your blog.

    Frances Devine

  6. By the way, I'm going to be out of town for the rest of the week, but I'll try to comment here. God bless!