Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guest Blog with Pamela Griffin Day One

In Search of Serenity is special to me because it is the last of the series of eight books involving the families of the Lyonses, the Thomases, and the Fontaines, and the final story that brings everything full circle. It was hard to say goodbye to these characters who I have lived with, in writing them, for ten years now. (Yes, ten! Hard to believe, isn’t it?) But it was time.

It is my hope that my readers were blessed and entertained and gained something from knowing these characters. Thanks to the many of you who have shown me support over the years. Your words were jewels to me and an encouragement to keep writing. Those letters that let me know you found a new relationship with Jesus through my stories, or returned to a former one with Him, those were a special blessing, and I thank you for sharing your wonderful news.

With the holidays upon us, this is my favorite time of year. The cool air is brisk, laced with the tantalizing fragrance of woodsmoke, the very atmosphere expectant, and I often like to take walks alone or with my boys late in the evening. It is then that the constant rush of traffic has faded away to become nonexistent and the night unfolds, peaceful and quiet. When walking alone under the moon and stars, there is an enriching feeling of being alone with God, and it is during those times I have had some of my deepest, most intimate conversations with my Creator. When strolling with my sons, we have shared some of our closest moments together. There is something about walking in nature, when all is peaceful, that draws out the ease of heartfelt conversation but also light moments of silliness and fun. I encourage you to take a walk with your loved ones, when all lies quiet and still, and see how rewarding the experience can be. God bless – and have a wonderful holiday season!

When is the last time you've taken a walk with someone you love or just you and the Lord?


  1. for me it has been way too long. I fractured my foot five weeks ago and miss things we take for granted like walking.

  2. Too long. And I don't have the excuse that Jeri has.

  3. Gotta admit- it's been awhile here too. Every time we plan to, it then starts raining - lol- and though I love nature, I think I'll pass on a walk in a thunderstorm. ;-)
    But hopefully we'll resume our walks soon... I really miss them.