Wednesday, November 24, 2010

People often ask me, “What is your favorite book that you’ve written?” I tell them they’re like children – you can’t really pick a favorite, each is special and unique in its own way. But there are some stories I’ve written that hold a fond place in my heart, and In Search of a Dream (the 2nd book of the Connecticut series) is one of them. One reason for this is Joel Litton.

Joel first made his appearance as a towheaded little rascal at Lyons’ Refuge at the end of In the Secret Place – the 2nd book in this entire story series (which includes the New York series) centered around three main families, with my first book, ’Til We Meet Again, being the first of this series and my first published book. I have enjoyed playing with Joel’s character and have him grow up throughout books that followed: in Heart Appearances as a main secondary prepubescent boy, later making appearances in A Gentle Fragrance, and then finally in A Bridge Across the Sea, as a confident, if somewhat arrogant young man. Joel was the brightest star and the blackest lamb – the leader of his gang of boys at Lyons’ Refuge - an unusual reformatory home for outcast children, started to get them off the streets and away from a life of crime. Joel was always the first to stir up trouble, his personality a contradiction of an angelic appearance and impish behavior. I loved delving into Joel’s character and bringing out his insecurities and frailties that were only hinted at before, now fleshed out in his story, with the heroine, the little girl who always adored him at Lyons’ Refuge, now all grown up: Clemmie Lyons (daughter of Stewart and Charleigh, who made her first appearance in ’Til We Meet Again.)

Joel was a challenge to write – because I pulled out the rug from under him. In previous books he was a happy-go-lucky troublemaker, prone to mischief and adored by the opposite gender. In his story, I threw a wrench into that merry stability by giving Joel a challenging handicap from the outset. An accident almost destroyed him, and Clemmie, who knows Joel better than anyone, is the only one who can snap him out of his new alarming and bitter, reclusive nature. The problem is, she can’t tell him who she is to do it. I so enjoyed writing his character and their budding relationship. I hope you enjoy their story as well.

Are you cooking a turkey tomorrow?


  1. No, no turkey cooking for me tomorrow! We're going to my parents' house for dinner. I might help out once I get there, though! Actually, I've never cooked a turkey in my entire life! Somebody else has always done that!

  2. My mother-in-law will make the turkey tomorrow, but I am making cranberry bread, sweet potato casserole, and Asiah cole slaw. YUM!

  3. I'm cooking turkey today. I'll carve it all up and serve it from the crock pot tomorrow. This frees up the oven for other things on Thanksgiving morning. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

  4. Tomorrow we go out of town for a family reunion, as we have been doing every Thanksgiving of my life since I was born- and they have been doing before that. My great grandmother was born on Thanksgiving, so they take the opportunity to gather the families- the five sisters, of which there is one remaining and have held the tradition for at least 50 years, maybe longer. Up to a hundred relatives, sometimes more, come for the day and we rent out a hall to hold all of us. There is not one turkey there, but usually at least three to feed the starving bunch, and other meats too, including Muenster sausage which one of my cousins makes on his farm. There are always two cafeteria tables laden with food. (One for desserts and beverages) It's a great day of fun, feasting, and togetherness - many of these people we only see once a year at that time - and besides the usual myriad conversations and laughter rolling and ebbing throughout the room, we shoot pool or play cards or dominoes, while others gather to watch the TV there for the football game and play football outside. Each family brings at least one covered dish, and our family's traditional contributions are Broccoli/cheese casserole, Cranberry/Mallow/Yam bake, and chocolate chip pecan pie. Yum! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone -
    May all your holidays be wonderful and blessed!