Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 2 with Lauralee Bliss

Faithful and True Companions

Pets can be an interesting and sometimes pivotal addition to the novels we like to read. In two of my Utah books, I incorporate pets as an important part of the storyline. The hero and heroine in Book II, Heart of Mine, both have dogs, and those dogs play a role in nurturing the relationship between the hero and heroine. In Wasatch Love the heroine, Brenda, has her beloved cat Snowy (short for Snow White) given to her as a gift by the hero.

Pets can play such a crucial role in our lives. And they have played a crucial role in mine, so much so that I wanted to make them a part of these stories. There is something about a pet that can help with the day to day stresses we face. Just having fur to nuzzle and pet to interact with or play with has been shown to be very beneficial to the owner's health. I know in my own life I have seen how our dogs have been healthy for us, forcing us to take the walks we need to stay in shape, to just having a pet to cuddle with when the going gets rough. Pets are so forgiving and kind, they are always there for you, they never get into arguments, they are - as I used to say to my dogs, "Faithful and true."

And it can be devastating when we lose them. Just two years ago at this time of year we had to put down our beloved beagle, Lady, after she was diagnosed with a rare and debilitating illness. With this terrible news right on the brink of the holidays, it took all my effort just to try and make Christmas a happy event. There is indeed a mourning process to go through, and it was comforting to see how many people came to support us in our loss.

Today we have our dog Eve, adopted from a shelter last January. She's a blue tick coonhound, lovable but very active and keeps us running. But that's good for us, not only for our health but knowing we are giving her a good home (she was abandoned on a road and was severely malnourished when she was picked up). And she has helped us cope with our different losses and stresses in life. A faithful and true friend indeed.

Maybe you have a dog or cat or another animal who has done wonderful things for you. Or you lost a dog or cat and would like to remember them. Please feel free to share your stories here. And I hope you enjoy the interactions between the owners and their furry friends in my Utah series.
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  1. Sorry I'm 2 days behind posting, but since I'm a "cat lady" (sometimes called CRAZY cat lady, LOL!!) I couldn't resist adding a comment. I think pets can be so important in our lives, and cannot imagine my life without my 7 kitties (I didn't plan on having so many, but they know where to find a good home, haha). One of my oldest cats (Sweetums) is extra-special to me, because she belonged to my precious Daddy. After my sweet Mama passed away (5 years ago) Sweetums was such good company for my Daddy---in fact, she slept on Mama's pillow every night, and Daddy adored her. After Daddy passed away in 2007, I told my sisters I wanted to give Sweetums a good home--so now she's living with us! I must admit though--she's not overly fond of all the other kitties around her--but she "tolerates" them! ~ Thanks for this post, Patti Jo :)