Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guest Blog with Lauralee Bliss!

Oh, That Imperfect Human Condition of Ours!
Welcome to the final installment in the contemporary Utah series - Wasatch Love. The setting for this book is in beautiful Salt Lake City located a the foot of a rugged mountain range known as the Wasatch. In each of these books I have endeavored to bring to life the scenic parts of Utah, and this final book pays tribute to the state's largest and most famous city.

But that is not the essence of this book's message. The book pays tribute to human resolve in the midst of trying circumstances. I don't wish to give away the plot for those who have yet to read it, but this book takes a story a step beyond what one might see in the simple Christian romance. In it I paint the portrait of imperfect people - like us all, really, who sin, who struggle, who want to do what's right but seem to end up taking wrong directions. But yet with God, those wrong directions can be made right and used for His glory.

Brenda and Jim struggle with outward appearance and inward frustration. They become mirror images of what the world struggles with - its image, its standing, its way of trying to make things work in its sphere of influence. But try as one might, the only One who can really make our lives work out to its fullest potential is God. And the hero and heroine in this novel discover the hard way how much they truly need God's intervention in those complicated details. And how He works it for their good and the good of all.

When it comes right down to it, all of us have been a Brenda or a Jim without God's mercy and grace in our lives. It is satisfying to know that God is not without understanding human frailty and can affect change in even the smallest of things. And in the most interesting and unexpected ways, too. And therein lies the greatest hope.

This is a book you can share with unsaved loved ones from teen girls on up to draw them closer to a God who loves them and wants a relationship with them. The book also makes a great Christmas gift as does the entire set of books set in the beautiful state of Utah! Feel free to check out the Heartsong Presents web site to learn more: http://www.heartsongpresents.com/.

All of the pictures are of Salt Lake City and the Wasatch range, from Lauralee's summer trip!

Have you ever ended up going the wrong direction, only for God to turn it around and make everything right, like the characters in the book?


  1. The pictures are absolutely beautiful.I've never visited Utah, but these photos make me want to add it to my list of places to visit.

  2. The Lord always has a way of making our wrong turns work out! I've discovered that wrong directions are usually the result of lack of prayer on my part. But God is more than gracious to help us!

    Salt Lake City is "Mormon country" to me. Do you mention any Mormons in the story, Lauralee? Boys dressed in white shirts and black pants riding around on bicycles? Unfortunately we see our share in Denver. Thanks for sharing the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ in your book!


  3. Soon after college, I moved clear across the country for what I thought was a dream-come-true job. But I realized right away it was not the right direction for me and quit after three days and had to move back home. But God completely turned my life around after that and blessed me in SOOO many ways.


  4. Donna, I actually tackle the issue of Mormonism more in my second book set in Utah, "Heart of Mine." Thank you all for your wonderful comments.