Monday, December 13, 2010

Wasatch Love by Lauralee Bliss

This week's featured title is:
Wasatch Love by Lauralee Bliss
HP 930
ISBN: 978-1-60260-682-1
The world is her oyster...

Except shouldn't there be some prize...some pearl in that oyster? From the outside, Brenda Stweart has it all. A rich, infuential father. Friends in high places. Men clamoring for her attention. But inside, Brenda is miserable. Her father is overbearing, her friends are fickle, and the men want her money and the prestige it brings. Like Jim Ensley.

But Jim has his own problems. And fears. If he can't get that vice president's spot, all may be lost, personally and professionally.

A night of indiscretion and Brenda's subsequent escape into the Wasatch Mountains causes havoc that Brenda and Jim could never have imagined. And where does God fit in? Could He really be working in the aftermath of Brenda's unhappiness and Jim's desperation?

Key Bible Verse:
In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. Proberbs 16:9
Book Excerpt:

Jim tried to calm the boss's anxiety as best he could. "Maybe her phone went dead. She can't recharge it. But she was able to tell us a few things. I wish I knew more."

"I'm calling the authorities back right now. Blast them. I won't wait a minute longer. I want her found. Who knows what might have happened? And get Rita down here to my office. She has some explaining to do, if she wants to keep her job."

Jim's face colored at the accusations. And he thought of Rita facing unemployment. "Sir, Rita helped out as best she could. It seems Brenda was vague with everyone. I don't know why your daughter did this, but..."

The man sighed. "I'm so tired, Jim. I--I don't feel well."

"You just rest. I'll place the call, sir. I'm here. Anything you need..."

"Thank you. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Normally this news should have excited Jim. The vice presidency was almost certain. But at that moment, Jim didn't care. None of it mattered. The only thing concerning him now was Brenda.
Brenda, you need to know once and for all that people do care.

LAURALEE BLISS, a former nurse, is a profilic writer of inspirational fiction, as well as home educator. She resides with her family near Charlottesville, Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

How was your weekend? Does it look like a winter wonderland where you live?

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  1. Ooohh, this book sounds great! And since I love mountains, any story that features mountains in it always grabs my attention*grin*. ~ My weekend was nice--we've had a few snow flurries, which is always a big deal in my part of Georgia! Blessings, Patti Jo