Thursday, December 23, 2010

From The Vault--The Prodigal Patriot

Today's Book From the Vault is:
The Prodigal Patriot
By Darlene Franklin
HP 911

The Reids will not be scared away.

Sally Reid's family decides on a dangerous course when the Tories of Maple Notch, Vermont, chase Patriot families from their land. They make a home in a secluded cave nearby and farm their land by moonlight, working hard and waiting for the day when they can safely return home.

When Josiah Tuttle discovers their secret and offers to help, Sally doesn't know if she can trust him. After all, Josiah's father is one of the Tories who forced her family into hiding.

The Tuttles have already lost one son to the hated Patriot cause. How can Josiah both honor his grieving father and protect the woman he loves? When called upon to take a stand, which side will he choose? How can Sally and Josiah battle through the barriers separating them from love and forgiveness?

To get us all in the holiday spirit--I'm curious, what is your family's wackiest holiday tradition?

I'll share mine--My older sister and I watch "A Christmas Story" every Christmas Eve (because it's on for 24 hours on TBS) and then go outside and shoot our brother's BB Gun while chanting, "You'll shoot your eye out!" We always bust out in laughter...and then my dad comes out and makes us go inside before we "wake the neighbors."

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  1. That's a great holiday tradition! :)

    I don't know about wacky...I always have to watch Alastair Sim in Scrooge, or it just doesn't feel like Christmas.