Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Day with Jeri Odell

Idaho fieldsphoto © 2010 Jinx McCombs more info (via: Wylio)When I got the contract for Idaho, my husband and I planned a great adventure. Our daughter, her husband and our tiny two month old granddaughter, Reese, had just moved to Lake Chelan in central Washington. Well, as the Lord and geography would have it, to drive from Arizona to Washington, one passes through Idaho. Seemed God ordained to me. A great excuse for a trip to see Reese and do research. What could be more perfect?

Our first stop was Sun Valley. And I, a naive girl from cactus country, fell in love with the potato state. Who knew the beauty we'd discovered as we ventured through the state sandwiched between Washington and Montana? I'm sure some of you may have, but I was clueless. Miles of rivers. Beautiful mountains. Rugged country. Wow. A state that has seemed boring and uneventful became one of my favorites.

So I invite you to experience Idaho along with my characters. Book one, Perfect Ways, is already out and was set in charming Coeur d'Alene at a fictious Christian college. Book two, the one featured this week, is set in the quaint town of Sandpoint, and the last book of the series will be set a ski resort in Sun Valley. I hope you'll enjoy their adventures in a place that offers year round outdoor beauty and fun. And if you haven't had the chance, grab an opportunity and visit Idaho for yourself, if only in a book. :)

Where is your favorite place to visit?


  1. I love to visit Charleston, SC (where daughter lives)!! However, I would love to learn more about Idaho through your books. Two friends recently moved there, and I don't know enough about the area.

  2. Great post, Jeri! Your trip (and your Idaho books!) sound wonderful. ~ Idaho is actually on my "Wish List" of places to visit--since I've never been to that part of our country and I've heard it's so pretty "out there"! ~ Although I'm a Georgia native (and life-long resident here) I never get tired of visiting our coast (especially Jekyll and St. Simon's Islands). So lovely and filled with history! Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  3. I love visiting the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Have only been there once and it was beautiful. Hoping to go back later this spring.

  4. I've never been to Charleston and only to Atlanta in Georgia. I just finished a Christmas novella set partially in Monticello, Georgia. Visited the Smokey Mountains once, they are breathtaking. God truly did paint a gorgeous and unique world, no matter where you find yourself.