Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Featured Title!

This week's featured title is:
Perfect Peace by Jeri Odell
HP 945

Tori's sister is stealing her wedding.

Tori Wade's dreams are shattered when her fiance unexpectedly break their engagement with no explanation. But her wound deepens when her twin sister enters a whirlwind romance and steals the wedding Tori should have had. Forced to hide her heartbreak behind a happy smile, she wonders if her heart will ever heal.

Jake Matthews doesn't play games. When his cousin asks him to show some attention to his soon-to-be sister-in-law during the wedding week, Jake firmly declines. But when he meets Tori, his heart is immediately captured. Is he just her rebound guy or can their relationship develop into something lasting?

When Tori's ex-fiance returns to the scene and suspicious dealings are uncovered at Jake's resort, Tori and Jake's budding relationship is put to the test. Do they share a true love that will last?

Book Excerpt

He eyed the bright, festive, over sized flowers. "This place never changes." Jake took his menu, but laid it aside, already knowing what he planned to order. Tori did the same.

"So, it's Monday and you're here, not at school." His eyes roamed over the bright potted plants, Mexican tile, and bright Mexico decor.

"Luckily, I'm on spring break - otherwise this wedding week would prove difficult. Roni planned a full schedule"

The waitress breezed by, stopping to take their order. She grabbed the menus and disappeared.

"I like the way they are doing this prewedding week. Lots of activities and time to spend together."

"Roni hates that so often your closest friends fly in, hit rehearsal dinner, attend wedding, and fly out. She didn't want it to feel rushed. Of course, not everyone can come for the whole week."

"I'm glad I could. And you for the matter." He winked at the cute blond seated across from him and found himself looking forward to spending time getting to know Tori better. Who knew, but maybe by the end of the week he'd convince her to come to Idaho and work fro him this summer. He needed an accounts payable clerk for Allison's two month maternity leave, and since Tori taught basic accounting, she might just fit the resort's needs. And his...

Key Verse

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3

About the Author

Jeri Odell is a native of Tucson, Arizona. She has been married over thirty-five years and has three wonderful adult children and five precious grandchildren. Jeri holds family dear to her heart, second only to God. She thanks God for the privilege of writing for Him. When not writing or reading, she is busy working in the finance office of her church.

Weddings are always fun. What is your favorite part of a wedding?


  1. What an adorable cover!

    My favorite part of a wedding is the presentation of the couple. All the happiness of the couple bursts out in their smiles.

  2. sounds like an interesting book!

    Hmm. My favorite part? Haven't really thought about it, but I would say that I at least like these two parts--when the bride starts down the aisle and the groom is beaming, and the kiss (especially if they have waited till marriage).

  3. You're right, Erica! That cover is cute--and I love the premise for the story. Sounds like a good one :)

    I love almost everything about weddings, but I especially like everyone coming together to celebrate the happiness of a newly bound couple.

  4. I love everything about weddings.....always enjoy attending one!!

  5. I love everything about weddings as well, but the most precious moment to me is watching the groom's face as the bride walks up the aisle toward him. Thanks so much for joining me here to celebrate my latest release.