Thursday, March 3, 2011

From the Vault: Kind-Hearted Woman

This Week's Book from the Vault is:
Kind-Hearted Woman by Janet Spaeth
HP 872
Historical Romance

Colin hasn't always lived like this.
Colin Hammett is on the road, drifting, searching for meaning in life. Maybe 1935 wasn't the best year to do this - deep in the Great Depression - as it seems half the country is on the road with him. But this is his life now, and he's not sure where to turn next.

Lolly Prescott is feeling every moment of a hot, dry, penniless summer. Life was never exciting before, but now she's just...trapped. So when her brothers carry a half-dead man in the front door and on the couch, she doesn't know whether to run or just give in and give up.

As Colin struggles to regain his memory, the Prescott's financial situation reaches the breaking point. Can the attraction between Colin and Lolly grow into a relationship amid such uncertainty? Can it survive when all seems lost?

As families, we all have had the struggle of making ends meet. We all want the best for our family. What are some methods your family uses to cut back and save?


  1. My family reuses a lot of things. Instead of buying bottled water, we refill our bottles and reuse ziplock bags and things. We also live in a small town, so our "eating out" is ordering local pizza and bringing it home. It costs much less than taking the five of us out for a nice dinner!

  2. Kaitlin, reusing is a fantastic idea. It saves money--and helps keep our planet clean.

    We had pizza last night, too. YUM!