Monday, January 25, 2010

Love From Ashes by Yvonne Lehman

Love from Ashes by Yvonne Lehman
HP 884
ISBN 978-1-60260-686-9

Amelia’s secret is catching up with her.

For almost five years, Amelia Thurstan has lived a lie, believing her parents faced enough grief with the loss of their son during World War II and the death of her love, Joe, during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. But that was before Joe’s brother showed up in Hawaii, filled with questions she never wanted to answer.

Luke Thurstan is a former marine battling to bring peace to himself and his parents after World War II. When he lands in Hawaii, the revelation that his brother married a woman who is half Japanese is disturbing enough. But events quickly force Luke to confront the bitterness that has sprung up within him as a result of the war’s devastation.

When Amelia’s secret is finally uncovered, will it be one more blow to two families overwhelmed by grief? Or will love rise from the ashes on wings of healing?
YVONNE LEHMAN is an award-winning, best-selling author of 42 books, including mainstream, mystery, romance, young adult, and women's fiction. Founder and director of her own writers conference, she now directs the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference held annually at the Ridgecrest/LifeWay Conference Center near Asheville, NC.
QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you ever dream of strolling a beach in Hawaii?


  1. Yes, I often dream of strolling on the sunset...sandals in hand and a handsome fella beside me ;)

  2. I love the beach, and think it is one of the most romantic places. And I have thought about walking along the beach before...but I haven't thought about it being Hawaii in particular.


  3. Hawaii is so beautiful! I've had the pleasure of strolling on the beaches many times and it sounds wonderful right now in the middle of a snowy winter.


  4. I would love to stroll along a beach in Hawaii. I've never seen the Pacific. I've been to the Gulf of Mexico twice, but the closest "I can't see to the other side" water here is Lake Superior. I love to walk the shoreline there, and the movement of the water mesmerizes me. But I have to wonder what it would be like to walk beside the water and hear the waves and not be cold!

  5. That is on my list of "things that would be fun to do" and I want to look at the gardens there and see the exotic flowers.

  6. I dream of strolling the beach anywhere! I love the beach! :)