Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Excerpt from Crossroads Bay

Yaquina Head, Oregon Coast

“But He may not want me to find the coins.” She leaned back and crossed her arms.

“Then, if that’s true, that’s the path you should choose because God wants what’s best for you.” He placed his arm on the back of the seat behind her, his face just inches from hers. “And so do I.” Mahogany eyes bore into hers so deeply she felt them prick her heart.

While still a breath apart, he said, “Good night, Meranda. Know that I pray for you every day and will say a special prayer tonight.” Then he was gone. Her lips tingled as if he had kissed her, and she felt a little miffed that he hadn’t.

That night, the sheets tangled her legs as she tossed in bed, wrestling with whether she should give up and hand her dream—Pop’s dream—over to God or fate or whatever it was called. No. As long as she was in control, she knew she’d find them eventually.

"This is what the LORD says: 'Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.'" -Jeremiah 6:16

Question of the Day: The bit about finding coins made me think of the only coin collection I have. I got one of those big map folders and for ten years, I faithfully collected the US State Quarters. So the question is, did you collect the state quarters, and what state quarter is your favorite?


  1. Yes, I do collect the state quarters, and I must say that the Illinois quarter was my favorite. This is mostly because I am an Illinoisan and crazy about Lincoln :)

  2. My favorite really is Minnesota and I don't think it's just because that's where I live. I also like Wyoming with the cowboy and Utah with the trains and the Golden Spike.

    And somehow I still need one Illinois and two Alaska.

  3. Yes, I collect the state quarters. I like so many of them, but I think my favorite is
    Maine, because I love lighthouses!!
    Of course, I like Alabama too...since that's where I live.

  4. I collected the quarters. My favorite are Tennesse and California.

    Now I'm collecting the Presidential Dollar coins.

  5. I think my favorite State Quarter is from Nevada, with the horses running. I also love the detail on the Connecticut coin.

    I'm collecting the Presidential Dollar coins too. Well, actually my husband is. I always order a proof set for him each year from the US Mint, and now they include the Pres. $ coins. :)

  6. Don't get me started! Hubby collects them, but then doesn't put them in the handy hole-punched poster I gave him. They sit on his dresser and I have to dust around them! And...(I told you not to get me started!) since they're not in the handy hole-punched poster, he has several of each. We could probably make a house payment with what's he's "collected!"

    BTW, if you're curious about the coins in the book, they really do exist, although they probably didn't come from Sir Francis Drake's booty. I found a picture of them with a Google search, complete with the crest on one side and the pillars and crashing waves on the other. Then, I wrote the story around them. I love it when God puts things in place like that.

    Oh, and my favorite coin is Colorado, of course! Can't beat the mountains. But I also like Alaska because of the bear. I love bears. And Oregon is great because it's of Crater Lake that just happens to be the setting of my third book in this series. :->

  7. I'm partial to Oregon, since I live in Oregon. I hear that we are getting a new quarter for Oregon also this year as they are starting now with National Parks and National Scenic areas. I think that it will be Mt. Hood. Love it. I see Mt. Hood every day.
    p.s. Love your picture of Yaquina Head Lighthouse at the top.