Thursday, April 8, 2010

From The Vault

Today's book from the Heartsong Vault is Kathleen Kovach's debut novel, Merely Players.

Here's an Exceprt:

"Ten years, Ricky."

"I know. Why did you stop writing?"

"Why did I stop writing?" She reached for her hair and scrunched it, trying to be mature. She would not bring up his queue of girlfriends that, according to the tabloids, began lining up even before her second year of college. She remembered wondering if Ricky had forgotten his promise to God.

She took a deep breath. "It doesn't matter. Water under the bridge. You have your life. I have mine. We've moved on."

"You're clipping your sentences. Apparently you're upset."

How clueless could a man be? "Do you remember who wrote the last letter?" She pointed to her chest. "Me. And that was after a long period of silence from you."

He rubbed his neck. "Look. I had no idea you were here. I don't know what to say, but obviously you do. Give me time to gather my wits." His tentative smile almost reached her heart. "You've kind of thrown me for a loop."

She could see her Ricky reaching out from the other side of the perfectly maintained actor's face. "What do you suggest?" she half whispered with resignation.

"A chance to talk--to catch up on old times and discuss the last ten years without blame."


"O Lord, Thou hast searched me, and known me." --Psalm 139:1

Question of the Day: Is there an old friend, (romantic interest or not) that you'd like to have a chance to sit down with and have a yarn?


  1. The premise for the book started out like that. I had dated before meeting the love of my life, and I was always curious as to how these boys turned out. Not that I ever want to rekindle anything...there were reasons why we broke up...and as I said, I'm now with the love of my life...should anyone think...oh, never mind. :)

    Anyway, the romantic story-teller in me ran with the idea, and thus was born Bethany and Ricky/Brick. I had fun writing this story, just playing with the idea of a lost love.

    Merely Players, my debut novel, is still available. It was rebundled with two other stories from different authors under the title, Florida Weddings. It can be purchased from the publisher at:,1542.aspx?Tab=Books

    And I'll brave the question, Erica. :) Just last night I got a blast from the past when a friend, Kathe, found me on my facebook page. She, along with another good friend whom I have kept in contact with, Sara, helped form my first writer's group over twenty years ago when we were stationed in Germany. I think it was Kathe who came up with the cool name, Inkslingers. None of us knew how to write, but we enjoyed chatting about our work. I've kept in contact with Sara, but now I'd love to have a reunion with these two women and anyone else who had been part of that group. We live in three different states now, but wouldn't it be awesome!

    Anyone else want to answer Erica's question?

  2. When my hubby was in the Navy, we had a card club going for several years. We have kept in touch somewhat, but now contact is down to Christmas letters. I would love to visit with the three other couples. We wives took care of each other while the guys were out protecting our country, and we played cards together when they were home. Ok, we played cards while they were gone too.

  3. I'd love to have a long talk with my best friend from elementary school, Tresa. We were inseparable. She was one of the best parts about my childhood.

  4. There's one old friend I'd love to reconnect with, a friend I laughed through high school and college--and those weird early adult years--with. As for the ex-boyfriends....there's a reason they are ex's ;)