Thursday, April 1, 2010

From The Vault

This week's treasure from The Vault is:

Seasons of Love by Elizabeth Goddard.

From the back cover:

When Grandpa Sanderford asks Riley O'hare to give up her climb on the corporate ladder and take over the family cranberry farm in Massachusetts, she actually considers it. Her mind is made up when her brother dies and she becomes the guardian of his son. Riley hopes the move and her new roles will help her find the purpose and peace she desires. With the death of his friend and business partner, Zane Baldwyn's world is turned upside down, and his company is in trouble. As he looks to replace John, strange things begin to happen that makes Zane wonder if John's death was really accidental. Riley has a farm to save, and Zane has a mystery to solve. Somehow the two goals seem related. As Riley and Zane are drawn closer together, can they stay out of danger and discover a season of love?

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

A little taste of Seasons of Love:

Riley hung up the phone, slamming it a bit harder
than necessary. She rubbed her temples.
Zane’s chest swelled with admiration for the strong young
woman. Add “new mom” to her task list. He hoped he wasn’t
making a mistake in offering his help, but somehow her
vulnerability had penetrated his better judgment. That much
he recognized.
She was John’s sister. Chad, John’s son. Zane owed it to his
friend and partner to help his sister make this work. If he
discovered what he needed to know in the process, so much
the better. He noticed her staring at him and became aware
he’d been caught up in his thoughts. He stood.
She folded her arms across her chest and raised her
eyebrows. “You know, you never did tell me why you dropped
by. I know it wasn’t for pleasantries, since you’ve already stated
at the funeral and on the phone that you needed to speak to
me. It was important. Remember?”
“I have a proposition for you.”

Question of the Day: Does anyone have a yummy recipe that uses cranberries?


  1. I don't like cranberries, so I don't have a recipe. Ick. No offense to those that love them. :)

    I would love to read Elizabeth's writing. It looks great. Keep it up Heartsong I just read, Myra Johnson's novel, Romance by the Book- excellent story!


  2. My favorite cranberry yummy is the Cranberry Orange Scone from Caribou Coffee. But I don't make it, I just buy it. :)