Thursday, June 10, 2010

From The Vault--Treasure in the Hills

by Paige Winship Dooly
Heartsong Presents #775
ISBN: 9781597896566

Emma Delaney is mortified when her precocious daughter leaps into a stranger's arms and loudly proclaims that God has sent her new papa to their door. Emma's not looking for a new husbands, and this angry stranger certainly wouldn't qualify if she were. Josiah Andrews is amused by the child's announcement, but he's here on business - looking for the man responsible for his brother's death. Marriage hasn't even appeared on the horizon of his plans for life. But Emma and Josiah find themselves drawn together by circumstances beyond their control. Can the hurt of the past and the confusion of the moment be overcome? Can either of them move beyond their own expectations to see the bigger picture God has planned?

We talked about our favorite season this week. What is your favorite holiday?


  1. I love Christmas. The birth of Jesus has significant meaning for all of us. So that is number one, but also, as a child, this holiday held magic. My dad loved Christmas and made it extra special. It wasn't about the gifts, but the family times steeped in tradition.

  2. Thanksgiving. I do love celebrating that holiday.

    Love the book cover, so pretty!

  3. Christmas is my very favorite!! Celebrating the birth of Christ is truly the most joyous time of year for me. (But I also love Easter, as we celebrate His victory over death). Both holidays hold fond memories from my childhood, but are also still so special now as an adult.
    Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  4. I love New Year's Day. We have lots of friends over and we play games and eat lots of great food and watch lots of college footbal games. It's a highlight of the year. That and all the end of year bookkeeping is wrapped up. :)