Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guest Blog with Jeri Odell

Just like it did my heroine, Idaho surprised me with its vast wilderness, miles of rivers and raw beauty. When Heartsong awarded me the Idaho contract, the timing had God's hand print all over it. Our plans to visit our daughter and her family in Washington extended to include a few days touring and researching their neighboring state. Believe me when I assure you, Idaho is much more than a giant potato farm!

My next story will be set in the Idaho panhandle, not far from the Canadian border. The third story takes place in the renowned Sun Valley at the ski resort. One of the most exciting things about writing setting driven fiction is the opportunity to get acquainted with other parts of the country. God's imagination went wild when he created North America. The variances are stunning.

How has God surprised you recently? An unexpected phone call or letter, the kindness of a stranger, something in creation?


  1. Seeing life through the eyes of my two and a half year old grandson, Camden, constantly reminds me of all the little surprises packaged in each new day. The excitment of spying a little bunny in our yard, the beauty of clouds floating overhead, or the simple joy of running through a sprinkler. No wonder God said we needed to be as a child. They don't miss the wonder as I often do, if left to my own devices.

  2. I don't know about surprise, but God has certainly blessed me with his provision. It definitely amazes me that his timing and love are so perfect.