Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guest Blog with Paige Winship Dooly

The Lightkeeper’s Daughter is the first book in my historical Georgia Belles series. It’ll be followed by The Displaced Belle and The Reluctant Outlaw. I’ve had so much fun writing about this state! I love Georgia and all the beauty the state contains. The three stories will cover the coastal region, the outskirts of Atlanta and the mountains in the northern part of the state.

I think we all struggle with trust issues at various times throughout life, yet the ability to trust is so important! We trust that our basic needs will be met. We trust those around us to protect and care for us. And we trust the Lord to watch over us and walk beside us as we make choices—both good and bad—that affect our future.

In the story, Hollan is thrown into a position where she has to trust her ex-fiancé—the man who walked out on her the night her mother died and Hollan lost her eyesight. Jacob didn’t know he’d left her under those circumstances, he only knew his father and brothers had wreaked havoc on their small town and he wanted to bring them to justice.

After three years on the trail, Jacob comes home to the one man who has always been there for him, Hollan’s uncle, and agrees to go out to the island to help with the lighthouse after Hollan’s father disappears during a storm. He feels unredeemable due to his family’s rough past. He’s seeking solitude and peace on the island. Instead, he and Hollan are faced with the need to trust each other as they face storms and privateers and continue the search for her father.

When circumstances bring the couple back together, each has to work through their issues and find a way to trust again.

God has showed me many times over that He’s there for me and that my trust is safe in Him, but I seem to need that reminder on a regular basis! I hope you enjoy the journey as Hollan and Jacob also learn to trust.

In what areas do you struggle with trust?


  1. Good question, Paige, and one that requires thinking! I know for me, there have been different areas that I've struggled with at different times in my life, sometimes with people, circumstances, or sometimes with God. I think a big one is trusting God when a situation looks and feels hopeless, believing He able to redeem people, situations and broken hearts.

  2. I'd love to see some of the lighthouses of the east coast. I've only seen Great Lakes lights.

    Trust is so fragile. Once it is broken, it is so terribly hard to restore.

  3. Erica, I've seen most of the lighthouses along the Oregon coast, but have never seen any on the east coast or the Great Lakes.