Thursday, July 22, 2010

From the Vault

Today's book from the Heartsong Presents Vault is:
Love's Image

Injured in a serious car crash, supermodel Shannon McNab's world is rocked by a prominent scar on her left cheek. Shaken by this "imperfection," Shannon's boyfriend abandons her. When an old high school friend drags Shannon to a church singles' group, she meets Judd Manning. The sweet, down-to-earth schoolteacher makes her laugh and see what's most important in life - and as they grow closer to each other and the Lord, a romantic attraction builds. But when Shannon's scar fades, the lure of her glamorous old life proves too strong to resist. Is it possible for a jetsetting supermodel and a home-loving schoolteacher to find common ground?

Question of the Day: Have you ever been in a car accident? A fender-bender or something more serious?


  1. Oh, yes. It all happens so fast, but it can be life altering. Mine were only fender benders for the most part, but was rear ended once and ended up with whiplash. What is really scary is when you get that phone call from a paramedic every parent dreads - your son has been in an accident. That was the worst for me. Thank God it could have been so much worse, but bad enough.

  2. I was in a head-on collision back in 1981, and I still suffer with neck pain, but I'm thankful to be alive.