Monday, July 19, 2010

Portrait of Love by Debby Mayne

This week's feature book is:

Portrait of Love
by Debby Mayne
Contemporary Romance

From the back cover:

With restructuring going on in the family business, Tony Mancini won't have to be a manager at Small World Portrait Studio for long, but he has to be the one to tell Mandy Pruitt she's been overlooked for a promotion. And he's not at liberty to tell her what the company's plans are for her future, even as he expects her to help train the next manager - who turns out to be her younger sister. Tony can't deny that he's falling fast for Mandy. But how will he ever earn her trust and her love if he can't tell her what she wants to know?

The key verse:

For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.

Luke 12:48

From the book:

“Mandy, I’m sure someday you’ll make an excellent manager. I’m sorry you had to find out this way.”

Her lips quivered for a split second before she nodded. She opened her mouth to say something, but all that came out was a squeak.

“If you need some time off, let me know, okay?”

Her face looked stricken. “Why would I need time off?”

“I’m just saying. . .”

“I don’t.”

She took a step back and slammed into the corner of the wall. Tony instinctively reached for her as she rubbed her shoulder.

“I’m fine,” she said softly before glancing at his hand resting on her arm.

He quickly pulled his hand back and shoved it into his pocket. “That’s fine. I just wanted to let you know it’s okay if you need time to think about things.”

There wasn’t even the hint of a smile on her pretty face as she stood there staring at him with those wide, long-lash-framed hazel eyes.

Tony didn’t want to torture her, so he added, “After I get acclimated to the place, I’ll need to start interviewing for another full-time photographer. Since you’ll be training the person, I’d like for you to participate.”

She didn’t say a word, so he took off for the office. This had been much more difficult than he’d anticipated.

He closed the door behind him and hesitated as he looked around the room. Mandy had all but made the space her own.

Debby Mayne and her husband Wally have two grown daughters, Alison and Lauren, a son-in-law Jason, and a granddaughter named Emma. Debby has published more than 25 books and novellas, 400 short stories and articles, hundreds of articles for the web, and a slew of devotions for women. She has also worked as managing editor of a national health magazine, product information writer for HSN, a creative writing instructor for Long Ridge Writers Group, and a copy editor and proofreader for several book publishers. For the past seven years, she has judged the Writers Digest Annual Competition, Short-Short Contest, and Self-Published Book Competition.

Question of the day: I'm not much of a fan of getting my picture taken, since when I see the result, it never looks like Cindy Crawford, it always looks like me!

One portrait I had done that I really did like was my school picture from when I was a jr. in high school. A long time ago...sigh.

How about you? Do you like getting your picture taken? Do you have a favorite picture of yourself?


  1. I don't mind getting my picture taken, though it never seems to turn out how I expect :) One of my favorite pictures was my senior picture. It was simple but I like that I looked so happy and carefree. That was also awhile ago, too...time goes by too fast sometimes!

    I enjoyed the excerpt!

  2. It's been many years since I've liked having my picture taken. My favorite one was from college when I was having fun with my friends.

  3. No, I don't like my picture taken at all. I never have. But, if I had to pick one it would be my family's four generation picture we had taken a few years back. It was my mother, me, my daughter, and my granddaughter. Did I mention it happened to be a glamour shot, too!

  4. I love pictures with several generations!