Friday, July 9, 2010

This Week's Winner!

Okay, before I announce the winner, I have a few things to share with you.

1. The picture above is from Dover Clip Arts weekly sampler, a hummingbird, which happens to be my Sister-in-law's favorite bird. The picture is for her. You'll understand in a bit.

2. You might be curious as to how the winners are chosen for the Heartsong drawing each week, so I thought I would give you the rundown here.
  • all commentors names are listed in order of when their comment appeared on the blog and given a number
  • the number span is entered into the calculator at
  • spits out a number for us, revealing this week's winner
3. This week we had 9 entrants (some folks have asked not to be in the drawing, and some like Jeri and I are not eligible.)

4. The first number chose was 2, Linda's number. Linda happens to be my SIL, the one who likes the hummingbirds. Linda has won here on the Heartsong blog several times. When I saw that she had been chosen, I hopped on the phone with Linda this morning and asked, since she already has both the books that are featured this week, if she would mind if I chose another winner.  Linda graciously agreed that another winner would be fine.

5. spit out number 9.

6. This week's winner is.....


You did it, girl! You won!

email me at heartsongblog at gmail dot com and let us know which book you would like to receive...though I have a sneaking suspicion which one it will be!

Congratulations, Casey, and thank you to all the commentors and readers. Thank you too, to Linda, for a lot of stuff! :)

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  1. Thanks for the hummingbird pic!

    Casey, you will love either/both of these books!