Thursday, August 5, 2010

From the Vault

This week's from the vault book is:

Romanian Rhapsody
By Darlene Franklin
HP# 650

From the back cover:

A tour changes lives forever.

Haunted by the orphans she met in Romania, Carrie Randolph returns to work in an orphanage. Soon she finds herself mothering five toddlers full-time and dreaming of adopting one of them when her two-year mission is finished.

Steve Romero’s wife and son died in tragic circumstances in Romania, and he struggles to put the past behind him. When he decides to adopt a child, he returns to Romania and the orphanage where Carrie works—breaking her heart when he chooses Viktor, her favorite.

Will Carrie trust God to fulfill her dreams in His time? Can Steve let go of grief and love again?

From the book:

About a week before Christmas, Steve answered a ringing phone.

“You might want to sit down, Mr. Romero.” Somehow the smile transmitted over telephone wires. Excitement built in Steve’s heart and tingled to his fingertips, where the earphone trembled in his hand. He stood, frozen in place, waiting for the announcement.

“Do you have a current passport?”

Passport? Romania! Sweat poured down his arms, and the phone slipped in his hand.

“Ah, yes, does this mean—”

“Congratulations! Your application has been approved! How soon can you fly to Bucharest?”

“You will like the director,” Anika told Steve as they headed for the orphanage. “She is a sweet saint of God.”

“But all is not sweetness in the children’s home,” Radu interjected. “I hear the American news has reported on our orphans.” The statement ended like a question.

Steve nodded his assent. “The situation sounded grim.” He didn’t elaborate.

“The situation is sad. But God is at work.” A peaceful smile lit Radu’s face. “He has used those reports to bring many foreigners to our country to adopt the children. Good from evil. Like your own tragedy.” He never minced words.

The string of words couldn’t penetrate Steve’s excitement. “I can’t wait. Ever since the idea of adoption occurred to me, I’ve been hungry for a child to call my own. After what happened here—" Momentarily his voice faltered. “Romania was one of the first places I thought of.”

“And this afternoon you may find your answer. Here we are.”

Key Verse:
The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him. . .It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord. (Lamentations 3:25-26)
Question of the day:  Piano lessons...did you take lessons? Did you like it? Do you still play?


  1. I majoroed in piano in college. Bad arthritis keeps me from playing very well any more but yes, I absolutely play and sing.

  2. Yes have taken lessons and still continue to take them. When I was young I took lessons and then I had to stop because of our family's finances. When we had money to start lessons again we did and I have been taking ever since. I'm now in college and took piano lab last year, but I think I'm going to take private this year if everything works out. I prefer playing church/Gospel music.

  3. I took lessons for 10 years, and didn't care for it so much. I don't play now, but both of my kids do. My son, especially, has an affinity for it. When we were gone on vacation, he missed his piano!

  4. Raspberry girl, you're a woman after my heart! I hope your son continues to enjoy piano, Erica.