Thursday, August 26, 2010

From the Vault

This week's book from the Vault is:

Into The Deep by Lauralee Bliss.

From the back cover:

In 1843 Kentucky, Susanna Barnett longs for the finer things in life. Mammoth Cave brings them to her and her family. Not only does the cavern attract curious folks paying top dollar for tours, but its unique atmosphere promises to heal the sick. Surely God Himself etched out this place as a blessing to all men. Jared Edwards has been played the fool. Mammoth Cave's doctor promised miracles for consumption victims. Instead of celebrating recovery with his aunt Mattie, he's burying her and being sent away amid his uncle Dwight's accusations. Driven by guilt, Jared determines to close down the death cave. Will Jared and Susanna's attraction to each other prove more powerful than their connection to Mammoth Cave?

Key Verse:

Luke 12:34 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

From the book:
“But I know, too, that God has blessed us and many others with this cave,” she went on. “I don’t believe the cave is a curse. I believe it’s a blessing.”

“It can’t be both. To you a blessing; to me a curse. We can’t both be right, and we can’t both be wrong.”

They sat in silence together, listening to the water play a melody over the rocks. “Then we must come to a truce,” Susanna declared, offering him her hand.

“At ruce?” he took her hand in his.

“That while we may disagree, we can still respect and understand each other with God’s help.”

And maybe even more, he thought silently. He gazed at her hand, tiny, velvety white against his rough skin. He never felt anything so soft. He held onto it, savoring it. His thumb gently began caressing the top of her hand.

Her cheeks pinked. Her hand shifted in his. “Jared?” she asked softly.

The feel of her hand. The look of her face. Eyes blue like the feathers of a bluebird. Parted lips so inviting. Dare he even think of kissing her? Dare he consider her in such a fashion, one he could come could to know, love, and even marry? He dropped her hand and stared off into the distance.

To learn more about this title and others by Lauralee Bliss, click HERE.

Question of the Day:  How many days until school starts in your area? We started our homeschool year this past Monday, though the area schools are starting up the day after Labor Day.


  1. Sounds like an interesting book! :)

    Some of the schools in this county started on Monday, and some start next week. As for me, I'm leaving for college in Oregon on Sunday, and my classes will start on Wednesday. One nice thing about college for me is a much longer summer break! ;) (I returned home for summer break at the very beginning of May.)


  2. My kids started on Monday.
    My oldest went to Kindergarten!
    He was so brave!
    No tears from either of us :D

  3. Our son started Kindergarten on Monday! It's a bit of an adjustment for him since he's been in the same daycare since birth, and now he's in a whole different environment! So far, it's coming along okay, and he's getting used to being with new kids and new teachers!

  4. School here starts next week for the public schools, but my family, since we homeschool, won't start until the week after Labor Day. Our fair is the day after Labor Day until Sunday, so it is just easier to start after Fair. :)

  5. Casey,

    I agree--you have to start after the Fair! ;) Fairs are a great way to end the summer!


  6. The fair is a great way to end the summer! :)

    We've completed day four here and so far so good! :D

  7. Classes started here at Belhaven University where I teach last week so we are really getting into the swing of things.