Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guest Blog with Elizabeth Goddard

When I was growing up, I wanted to be an archaeologist. Well, that along with a lot of other things, which included an astronaut or a marine biologist (and a writer). Still, you get the picture. I love science. I love adventure and discovery. I took a different direction when finally entering college, thinking that I needed a career in something I knew would pay the bills. So, I went with computer science—that’s a science of a form. Back then, North Texas State University had just introduced business computer science. I opted for the more scientific computer science, which included LOTS of math and writing operating systems and building actual computers.

But here I am, years later, writing books instead. What’s wonderful is that I can write stories about all those things I wanted to do but didn’t. Take, for instance, my desire to become an archaeologist. I’ve never been on a fossil dig—archaeology or otherwise. There’s a creation museum in Glenrose, Texas, about three hours from me, so maybe when the kiddoes are old enough we can all go together.

Because I had never been on a dig, I had to find an expert to confer with when writing Exposing Amber. I found a paleontologist who also conducts fossil digs. He was a wonderful resource!

Writing Exposing Amber allowed me to explore many facets of the science that I love—including archaeology and paleontology. Since I home school young children, we spend plenty of hours on dinosaur talk. I think they know much more than I do about these intriguing giant lizards created by God. Because these creatures are created by God, Exposing Amber (there is no amber in the Badlands, by the way) is packed with additional conflict—how do we reconcile modern evolutionary science with creation science?

I’ll touch more on that tomorrow.

Question of the Day: Have you seen the movie Night at the Museum? If so, who is your favorite character from among the museum exhibits?


  1. Great pictures, Erica! Thanks for adding these.

  2. Isn't it exciting that we can learn about all the fun things we missed in order to write about them? I'm learning some not so fun things right now, but still, I've got so much to learn for the future.
    Great post.
    thank you.

    My two boys LOVE Night at the Museum

    My youngest child's fav is Rexy.
    My eldest child's fav is Octavius, and my fav is Jed.
    I'll ask what they want to watch at night, and my youngest throws up his fists and says, "Reddy!"
    My eldest son always wants to act out the scenes. So cute.

  3. Kelly, that is too cute! Isn't it great to have fun movies to watch that everyone enjoys?

    I LOVE Night at the Museum. I've watched it so many times, I think my kids are weary of it.

    Favorites for me are Larry and Jed.

    My son likes Dexter and Teddy Roosevelt. (And Jed and Octavius, too.)

    My daughter likes the Easter Island statue, Jed and Octavius, and the Pharoah and the Huns.

  4. Beth, you're welcome. I love hunting up pictures to go with blog posts. One of my favorite sites is morgueFile, which has a vast library of free pictures to peruse.