Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guest Blog with Lauralee Bliss - part two

Today is part two of a guest interview with author Lauralee Bliss. Scroll down to see part one of the interview, posted yesterday.

What led you to write this second book, Heart of Mine?

Not only did I want to set a book in the beauty of Bryce Canyon, but I also wanted to delve a bit into the idea of life. That is, pro life issues. And this book incorporates the value of human life and dignity. Of the hard choices young unwed mothers make. And the cause for forgiveness and reconciliation in families that is needed when confronted by those little "skeletons in the closet" or with situations one does not expect.

Do you have any other books in the works?

The final installment of the Utah series will be Wasatch Love which brings to life yet another scenic spot in Utah, and different from the canyons and rocks—the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch mountain range near Salt Lake City. And yes, further complications with relationships as well, but that is another story… (grin)

What else are you doing right now?

Actually at this very moment I am hiking the Appalachian Trail for my second time. I completed the trail north from Georgia to Maine in 2007 and this year I am hoping to hike from Maine to Georgia. I took a break from the trail to conduct this interview but will return to head south and see what awaits me on this journey. Feel free to follow along at And feel free to check out my other books at

Any parting words?

Live life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment God gives you to marvel in His creation, both the scenic wonders and the people He has made for His pleasure. I hope you enjoy Heart of Mine and will let me know what you think.

Question of the Day: This is totally off topic. I'm asking because I want to know. Are you a gum chewer, and if so, what's your favorite flavor?


  1. I chew gum on and off, not daily. I like peppermint or any type of mint flavor.

  2. I used to love to chew grape bubble gum, but I tend to chomp gum like a cow chews cud--very bad habit--so I never chew it in public and rarely chew any at home by myself since it is not the best thing for my teeth.

  3. I love to chew gum...I was so glad when my orthodontist said I could chew sugarless gum even with my braces on.

    I like mint gum mostly.

  4. Oh man, me and gum are like this *crosses fingers*

    I go for the gum all the time after meals and such, even after brushing my teeth, lol.

    Unfortunately, I've had to lay off the gum cause of tooth/sinus problems...*sniff* I'll be back soon, lol.