Thursday, January 20, 2011

From the Vault -- Wild At Heart

Today's Book From the Vault is:
Wild At Heart by Vickie McDonough
HS 816

Mariah is a woman in a man's world.

Under the pen name Drew Dixon, Chicago native Mariah Lansing writes dime novels detailing hair-rising adventures of heroines in the Wild West. But then she receives a letter from a ranch in the Badlands of North Dakota who takes exception to her meticulous research. When Mariah finds her fiance in the arms of another woman, she accepts the rancher's invitation to visit and leaves Chicago behind.

Adam McFarland has a dream - to travel the West and document its people and beautiful landscape with his drawings. If only he weren't tied down to the family ranch in North Dakota. When dime novelist Drew Dixon makes repeated mistakes about his beloved West, he invites the author to visit his ranch. But the author who shows up isn't exactly who he was expecting.

Will Mariah and Adam reveal the secrets they are keeping? Or will they allow false perceptions to continue to hinder the plans God has for them?

Often times, readers/reviewers place judgement on who should be writing what in terms of book genre. For example some people feel that a romance novel should be written by a female author and not so much a male. Yet, there are numerous male authors who write or have written amazing romantic tales such as Nicholas Sparks and William Shakespeare. Or those who have written heart-felt stories such as Mitch Albom. With that being said, do you ever or have you ever based what you read off the gender of the author?

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