Thursday, January 27, 2011

A New Book From the Vault!!

Today's Book From the Vault is:
The Marriage Masquerade by Erica Vetsch
HS 887

Noah just wants to start over.

Captain Noah Keneenbrae can no longer deal with the shame and guilt from the wreck of his ship. So he changes his name and takes a job as assistant lighthouse keeper on Sutton Island, heedless of the marriage contract his grandfather has arranged for him. No woman in her right mind would want to marry him now, anyway.

Desperate to escape the calculating grasp of her father and his cronies, Anastasia Michaels leaves her home to take the unlikely job of housekeeper on a remote island. Knowing how terrified of water she is, surely her father would never think to look for her there.

But neither Nick nor Annie considered that God's hand might be at work in their lives. When they each take things into their own hands, He must work a miracle to bring them back to His original plan.

There times when we want to take matters into our own hands, but it helps to just let things happen if we keep in mind that God has a plan for us. Has there ever been a time when things just weren't going the way you wanted, but you knew they were happening for a reason?


  1. This is such a good book. If you haven't read it yet, you should!

  2. Any book featuring a lighthouse always appeals to me (LOVE lighthouses!!) and this story sounds intriguing. ~ There have been many times in my life when I wondered why things were happening the way they were, but later I saw that the Lord's hand had been at work, and I realized there truly had been a reason why things happened as they had.

  3. So happy to have The Marriage Masquerade featured. The lighthouse is such a powerful image for Christians.

    I loved writing Noah and Annie's story.

  4. Love seeing your book featured here, Erica... but I'm confused by the blog heading that says, "Today's Book From the Vault is: The Marriage Masquerade by Connie Stevens." An 'oops'?

  5. Carol, good catch.

    Yes, this book was written by me. It's Connie Stevens' feature week on the blog, but because her novel Love Me Never is a debut, she didn't have a 'vault' book to feature. The folks at Heartsong were kind enough to choose The Marriage Masquerade to feature, but a typo got through on the author. :)

  6. I would love to read your book! Sounds so good, and any book re lighthouses catches my eye! Oh yes, many times I have seen God work everything out for the best..although I wanted to help Him!!!

  7. The blog has been edited. I am very sorry to Erica Vetsch. This is her book, not Connie Stevens.