Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Guest Blogger Elizabeth Goddard!

Believe in the Beauty of Your Dreamsphoto © 2010 SEO more info (via: Wylio)
This is week is the first week of 2011, the first week of the new year. The perfect time for reflection. The perfect time to consider the future and to map out goals. In a way, starting a new year is almost like starting a fresh and, if you're like me, that's a reason to have hope, to be excited about what the future holds. That's just where my character Rayne starts her story in Praying for Rayne - It's New Year's Day, and she says goodbye to her parents after the holidays, then heads back to work where she's counting on a new promotion.

To Rayne, the promotion is important because it proves everything to all the doubters around her who don't believe in her dreams. Instead the doubters keep insisting that she's made a big mistake by following the path she's laid out for herself. Rayne has a special gift and using that gift is her dream. The interesting thing about dreams is that it takes work to accomplish them - it takes setting goals and to get there, and sometimes as Rayne finds out, there are more obstacles than doubters.

This new year, if you have a dream, there's never a better time to work toward making your dream come true than now. So pull out your journal or sheet of paper and pen/pencil and - after praying first - write down those things you hope to accomplish and remember faith without works is dead - put a little faith into what you're writing down, and believe in the dreams God has given you.

What dreams do you want to accomplish this new year?

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