Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Excerpt from Gaining Love

At just 27, bank loan officer Mark White is overweight and already suffers from high blood pressure-a condition that contributed to his father's early death. Determined to get back in shape before it's too late, Mark joins a gym.

Zoey Coyle is a fitness trainer who has turned her life around and back to the Lord. She has faced the consequences of poor choices before. Her next major hurdle is getting on top of her credit card debt by controlling her impulse shopping.

Mark can't believe a beautiful, godly woman like Zoey could be interested in a balding, out-of-shape former quarterback like him. And Zoey fears Mark will run when he learns her three-year-old cousin is really her illegitimate son.

God has forgiven their sins. But will Mark and Zoey extend grace to one another?

How many of you go to the gym regularly or have some sort of exercise routine you practice faithfully? What motivates you?


  1. My husband and I walk daily, sometimes we switch it up and take a bike ride. During the winter months, we use an elipical.

  2. Good for you, Rose! I like that you and your hubby walk together. You get the exercise component in and spend time together. I walk my dog, but am not nearly as disciplined or regular as I should be.