Thursday, May 27, 2010

From The Vault--By His Hand by Jennifer Johnson

By His Hand
H S #725
ISBN: 9781597890823

"Chris will bring you to the ranch."
"What?" She looked at the overgrown man who had turned toward Troy. Victoria watched as the sheriff nodded his head to whatever Chris had said to him. "I can't ride with him."
"Yes, you can. Trust me. He's a great guy. I'd come and get you in a heartbeat, but I can't."
"Trust me. You'll be fine."
"But he hates me."
"Chris Ratliff hates no one." A crash followed by crying sounded over the phone. "Gotta go."
Victoria pushed the OFF button on her cell phone and glanced toward her ride. Chris stood with both hands shoved in his pockets. His eyes glazed and his jaw set in a hard line when he looked at her. Lifting one side of her mouth in an attempted smile, Victoria gave up the notion, walked to her Suburban, grabbed her purse, and popped open a bottle of pain reliever. She swallowed two tablets, struggling to push them down her seemingly swollen throat. Begging God to keep her from getting sick, she noted the scowling expression on Chris's face. Victoria felt confident that Sondra had no idea what she was talking about.

Victoria's Life has taken an unexpected turn, and the crash into the rugged mechanic's Corvette doesn't help matters. Forced into making her own way, the riches-to-rags Victoria Thankful must rely on the kindness of her sister-in-law until she is able to provide for herself. Christ Ratcliff lives a very simple life with simple dreams, but raising his teenage sister is nothing short of complicated. When a cute brunette slams into his life, Chris surprises himself by accepting her help with taming his sister. Can Victoria accept God's will, even if it includes a blue-collar man? Will Chris trust God with his heart when it comes to a gal who's anything but simple?

Did you marry a blue collar guy or gal or white collar?


  1. I'm a white collar gal married to a blue collar guy!

  2. LOL! I'm not married. ;)

    But the book looks great! Thanks for the chance. :)