Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guest Blog with Jennifer Johnson

Thanks so much for allowing me to participate on this blog again. I’m very excited for Gaining Love to be delivered into the hands of my readers. It is the third book in my Delaware contemporary stories. Of the three, Finding Home, For Better or Worse, and Gaining Love, Gaining Love was the hardest for me to write.


Well, because it dealt with two issues that I believe most of us deal with in some way. Zoey struggled with misuse of her credit card. I’ve been guilty of that multiple times myself, ultimately ending up not able to do or buy something I really wanted because I have to pay back that dreaded card. And Mark dealt with being overweight and having high blood pressure as a result of his overeating.

Sheesh! Now those are some topics to deal with.

But, you know, they’re topics that we’re all dealing with in some way or another. My own husband is only 39-years-old and has been taking high blood pressure medicine for years. He is actually very much like Mark in the story. He has about forty pounds he needs to lose.

And, I, like Zoey, have to hide the credit cards from myself. I call myself an emotional shopper. If I’m stressed or sad, I want to run over to mall and hit the department stores. The sad thing is the outfit I purchase never really makes me feel better. It generally just adds to my stress or sadness because I can be so undisciplined.

So, there you have it. This book was TOUGH to write. I had to do some soul searching about myself. I learned (as I’ve learned so many times) that God is our only true comfort. He’s our only true fix. Not food. Not shopping. Only Him.

I hope you enjoy the book!

How do you deal with stress or sadness?


  1. For me, the first place I want to head is the fridge. God is teaching me to redirect. I remember that habit started as a kid, so I'm fighting a very long engrained habit.

  2. Ouch, this is a tough one. The fridge and are awfully appealing when things get tough!

    Why can't the treadmill be as appealing??