Monday, February 7, 2011

Betting on Love by Jennifer Johnson

This week's featured title is:
Betting on Love by Jennifer Johnson

Melody likes control.

Certified diesel mechanic Melody Markwell needs to be in control. Putting faith in the God her friends go on and on about is out of the question. Where was God when her father abandoned his wife and young daughter? Or when a woman saved Melody from a brutal attack as a teen? Or when nightmares destroy her peace of mind?

Drew Wilson can't figure out how tiny, dark-haired spitfire Melody gets under his skin so quickly. Despite her fierce competitive nature and penchant for stepping all over his shade-tree mechanic's toes, he can't ignore her need for salvation. He prays for God's help in being a good witness to Melody, even though she drives him crazy.
Can Drew rein in his own competitive nature and convince her that not all men are untrustworthy? Will Melody ever believe that a relationship with God can bring her peace, especially in times of trouble?

Key Verse:

"I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

Book Excerpt:

"Melody, it's so good to see you. Come on--"

Melody interrupted her friend and sped into the house. "I need your help."

Gracie furrowed her eyebrows as she shut the door. "Okay. Is something wrong?"

Wyatt squealed from inside his playpen and reached up to Melody. Unable to withstand any fussing from the precious boy, Melody scooped him up into her arms. He immediately reached for her hair. "Nothing's wrong. I've agreed to do Bible study with Drew, but just as friends."

"Okay?" Gracie still looked confused.

"And I want you do to something about my hair."

"What's wrong with your hair? It's gorgeous."

Warmth trailed up her neck. "I mean I don't want to wear it up in a ponytail, and I don't know what to do with it."

Gracie squinted and cocked her head. "I thought you were going to be just friends."

Melody huffed and shifted Wyatt to her other hip. "We are." She nestled her nose into the baby's neck, avoiding eye contact with her friend. "I just want to look a little prettier."

Gracie lifted her eyebrows and slowly nodded her head. "I see."
Melody rolled her eyes. "I'm not ready for Drew to be my boyfriend, but when I am ready--"

"You want Drew to be your boyfriend."

Jennifer Johnson and the world's most supportive redheaded husband are happily married and raising the three cutest girls on the planet. Jennifer is an 8th grade math teacher in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. (Pray for her.) She is also a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Jennifer loves to read, write, and figure her checkbook -- when the numbers match. She also likes to scrapbook and chauffeur and cheer for her daughters' soccer, basketball, singing, and youth events. Blessed beyond measure by her heavenly Father, Jennifer hopes to always think like a child -- bigger than she can imagine with her complete faith.
What do you enjoy doing/what are you hobbies?


  1. Hey Jennifer!
    I know this is a great book as all of yours are. I enjoy reading, of course, and watching old, classic movies.

  2. Hey Aaron!
    I had so much fun writing this book. It's based in my state, Kentucky, so I knew the setting well. :) And I absolutely loved Drew. :)

    In my spare time I enjoy shopping! :) :) :)

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this excerpt!

    Hobbies - reading, old movies, sports on tv.

  4. I love, love to read (15 this year) and would love to read your book! Keep up the great writing!!

  5. Thanks, Erica. Jackie, keep reading! I'm so glad you enjoy it!

  6. I love books, watercolors and fun sewing projects! Right now, I am working on sock dolls for my grandchildren.

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