Monday, February 14, 2011

Romance at Rainbow's End

This Week's Featured Title is:
Romance at Rainbow's End by Colleen L. Reece

Ellie has gone from rags to riches. . .

But will this "Sierra Songbird" find treasure at the end of the rainbow - or only fool's gold?

Seven years after Ellianna and Timmy Stoddard are sent to frontier California by their contemptible father, eighteen-year-old Ellie still carries the weight of his sins. Surely a scoundrel's daughter cannot be the answer to the new minister's prayers for a wife!

Joshua Stanhope is also plagued by doubt. Can a small-town preacher compete with his influential twin brother? Edward can make Ellie the toast of San Francisco by helping her soar to fame and fortune like the meadowlark whose song is no sweeter than hers.

How can Josh convince his congregation that he must seek the "lost sheep," not just minister to those in the fold? And how will God rescue Tim and Ellie from danger, help them forgive their undeserving father, and free Ellie to accept Josh's love?

Key Verse:

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6

Book Excerpt:

When Ellie again fell asleep, no dreams troubled her. She awoke resolved to carry out the vow she had made in the night hours - and sent word to the Stanhopes she was willing to leave Madera.

Two days later Ellie shook the dust of her past off her new, stylish boots and left for San Francisco with Mrs. Stanhope and Edward.

Ellie bade Josh a heart-wrenching good-bye. When he clasped her hands as if he'd never let her go, Ellie wanted to fling herself into his arms, regardless of the crowd at the station. Only the desire to become worthy of the unguarded love shining in Josh's eyes kept Ellie true to her course. The last thing she saw when the train wheels began their clackety-clack to carry her away was Josh waving from the steps of Christ the Way Church. Tim stood beside him, somber faced with and with arms crossed.

Ellie's vision blurred. For one wild moment, she longed to cry out, "Stop the train!" Instead, she raised her chin, set her face toward the west, and didn't look back.

COLLEEN L. REECE was born and raised in a small western Washington logging town. She learned to read by kerosene lamplight and dreamed of someday writing a book. God has multiplied Colleen's "someday" book into more than 140 titles that have sold six million copies. Colleen was twice voted Heartsong Presents' Favorite Author and later inducted into Heartsong's Hall of Fame. Several of her books have appeared on the CBA Bestseller list.
I think it would be so rough to be a twin - always competing with each other, etc. Are any of you twins? Have twins? Know twins?


  1. My nieces are identical twins. They have been best friends since the womb, going on 34 years now. They have always supported one another and very rarely do they fight. Hard to believe but true.
    Way to go with this trilogy Colleen!

  2. I graduated with a set of twins, and one of my cousins has twins.

    This book sounds wonderful!

  3. I have first cousins who are twin boys. They live near each other and get along great. My mother was one of a triplet set. She and her triplet sisters loved to see who could get the worst insulting birthday cards for the other two.

  4. My Mom had twin sisters, but they died at birth.

  5. Looking forward to reading this book! I love Colleen's books. My dad was a twin but his twin died at birth.

  6. This was a very cozy read by the fire--perfect for a cloudy, windy day! I loved the characters--even the antagonists had some redeeming qualities that came through in the end. There's hope for us all! I love reading Colleen's books because they always leave me up-lifted by the time I close the book. It's SO nice to find great old fashioned love stories in todays market!I hear there's another one in the series after this and can't wait to read that too! Thanks, Colleen!