Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day One With Jennifer Johnson

The Inspiration Around Me

Hello Friends,
I am so glad to join you on the Heartsong Blog once again. Yesterday, you read about my newest release, Betting on Love. I had an absolute blast writing that book. At the beginning, my heroine, Melody, was not a Christian. In face, she was very much against God. But God had a way of wooing her to himself. . .isn't He so good?!

In the story, I used actual people from around my own church family to be witnesses for Christ. They didn't do anything profound, didn't preach at Melody or pummel her over the head with their Bibles, they simply lived their faith.

We have a lady at our church whose hands are gnarled from rheumatoid arthritis, yet Bonnie paints Christmas ornaments, pins, and knickknacks for EVERY woman in the church every year. I don't know how she does it! Another woman, Rhonda, lost her only daughter at the age of sixteen from a heart defect they'd only just learned she had. Still, she and her husband organize meals for families as well as feeding the ENTIRE church every Wednesday evening.

I could go on about the many women in our church. Women, who have overcome tremendous obstacles because God is faithful, and as a result live and serve Him. My church is filled with women who are imperfect and flawed and yet God uses them to glorify Him. I can't help but squirm as I type this. Glory to God! Hallelujah!

From left to right: Robin Ratliff, Andrew Allen (the bird), and Me.

Robin is my best friend and one of the Godliest women I know! :)

2010 Women of Joy Conference in Sevierville, TN

Front row: My second daughter, Haley, Tricia, Joan

Second row: Ann, Martha Joyce, Me, Patti

Top Row" Elizabeth, Freda, Jan, Cindy, Katie

This is Rhonda and her granddaughter, Whitney

This is Bonnie and her granddaughter, Bethany. Can you see Bonnie's sweet, God-kissed hands?

What about your church? I bet you have some amazing women you could tell us about.


  1. What beautiful women you have in your life! Such a blessing.

    I have a wonderful small church. We have women in our church who have been friends for more than thirty years. I love the relationships, the care, the wisdom, all the love wrapped up in the women of my church.

  2. Hi Erica,

    It's nice to be surrounded by Godly women. I'm glad you are blessed like me. :)