Thursday, February 24, 2011

From the Vault: The Columns of Cottonwood

This Week's Book from the Vault is:
The Columns of Cottonwood

Cottonwood was supposed to be hers.

She grew up there; she lived through the war there; she lost her parents there. Even in it's burned-out condition, it's still home to Savannah Carmichael. But now it belongs to a stranger - a foreigner! - who paid the back taxes on it and bought it right out from under her.

Dante Rinaldi never expected the culmination of his dream - to own some of Alabama's rich farmland - would mean the destruction of someone else's. He hasn't done anything illegal; in fact, he's worked hard for the privilege of land ownership. So why does Savannah Carmichael's plight affect him on such a deep level?

Both of them believe in the sovereignty of God but how can this situation be orchestrated by Him? Can they find a solution. . .a compromise to benefit both?

Have you ever had a dream come true at the expense of someone else's?

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  1. I really can't think of a time!?!?! I do strongly believe in the sovereignty of God. Would love to read this book!