Monday, September 20, 2010

Fine, Feathered Friend by Kathleen E. Kovach

HP #918
ISBN 978-1-60260-963-1

This could be her big break.

Actress Glenys Bernard is torn between the possibilities of a career-changing role that requires she be able to handle a falcon and the deep-seated fear that has affected most of her life.

When Glenys runs screaming from an educational tour at his raptor rescue center, Tim figures her desertion is her loss. But when she shows up again, determined to overcome her phobia, he finds his aversion to the actresses being challenged by this enigmatic, dedicated, and often funny young woman.

Glenys knows in her head that fear is not of God, but the wall keeping that knowledge from settling in her heart is well established. Will Tim’s patient teaching break through, or will her fear put them all in danger

Key Verse: “…a bird of the air may carry your words, and a bird on the wing may report what you say.” Ecclesiastes 10:20


“Istoleamouse!” It all jumbled out of her mouth after, he assumed, being held behind her teeth for so long.

“What?” He whipped his head toward her just as they entered a curve. Bad move. They swerved slightly and he had to jerk the wheel to get them back on the road.

“Jack Jr.”

Now she was speaking in code. “Glenys, I don’t understand.”

She took a huge breath. “I stopped at the breeder barn and took the little black mouse that looked like Jack.”

“Jack. . .the mouse you had as a kid that the falcon flew away with.”

She nodded her head, tears brewing.

“To save him, I’m guessing.”

"Honestly, I’ve never done anything like that before. I never shoplifted as a kid, never took pens from businesses unless they were meant for that, never fudged on my taxes—”

“Whoa.” A chuckle bounced in his chest. “You think I’m going to fault you for trying to save one of God’s creatures? That’s what we do at the center. You just decided to rescue the food used for the creatures we’re trying to save.”

“Then. . .I’m not in trouble?”

He shook his head. “Not as long as you stop at one. If I see all the mice on the lam tomorrow, I may have some concerns.” He winked, hoping to relieve her anxiety.

KATHLEEN E. KOVACH and her husband Jim raised two sons while living the nomadic lifestyle for over twenty years in the Air Force. She's a grandmother, though much too young for that. Now firmly planted in Colorado, she's a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and leads a local writers group. Kathleen hopes her readers will giggle through her books while learning the spiritual truths God has placed there.

Where do you stand on birds? Do they kind of creep you out like they do the heroine in this book? Or do you have a pet bird? Bird feeder in your yard? Any bird stories to share?


  1. This book sounds really neat! :) Love that cover, too! :D

    As far as birds go, I think they're so graceful and free-spirited. I love seeing an eagle or hawk fly, or seeing a hummingbird. :)


  2. What a neat topic for a book!

    I like birds. We have bird feeders in the winter time. I enjoy watching the varities that stop by the feeders.

  3. Ooooo Birds creep me out a little bit. I was proud of myself (and surprised myself) by going into a bird encounter at a zoo and letting birds sit on my hands, shoulders, head, and feet. There were birds everywhere in there!

  4. I like the birds in my yard and feed them regularly. They show their appreciation to me by serenading me when I sit on my front porch, LOL! I find their sweet chirps and tweets very soothing. ~ Also, my son has a cockatiel who has lots of personality--and is quite vocal at times! ~ This book sounds very interesting, and I look forward to reading it. Blessings, Patti Jo

  5. I'm with Erica on this one. Birds kind of creep me out, too. When I was about five, we visited San Juan Capistrano and there were birds everywhere. One landed on my mom's head and she freaked. I think that was the beginning of the end for me and birds. :-)

  6. Thanks for the great comments, ladies! Okay Erica and Jeri! Read my blog article where I interview my heroines when it posts sometime this week. You'll see we all have a lot in common! LOL

  7. After visiting the Cascades Raptor Rescue Center in Eugene, OR, I have a new respect for the big birds. I live in the country where it's normal to see hawks and eagles, but now I stop and appreciate them more.

  8. The excerpt you posts is adorable. Such a fun part of the book!

  9. Paula, that was the excerpt the editor and I both wanted for the inside cover of the book, but it was too long. I'm so happy I could share it here with my readers.