Thursday, September 2, 2010

From the Vault

This week's title from the Vault is:

The Glassblower
by Laurie Alice Eakes
ISBN 978-1602606746

From the book cover:

Now that Colin Grassick, a master glassblower from Scotland, has arrived to help at the Jordan glassworks, Meg Jordan s dreams of teaching the poor, local children are coming true. Finally, someone will have time to make windows for the rural New Jersey schoolhouse, to keep out the cold and vandals. To Joseph Pyle, the wealthy, arrogant man to whom Meg will soon be betrothed, the destruction of Meg s new windows is inconsequential as his wife, she will be forbidden from teaching. Why would Meg s father insist she marry a man like Joseph and stay away from the endearing Colin?

From the book:

“But what if—” Meg gazed into her coffee. “What happens if I find someone else to love first?”

“Margaret Jordan, you’re one and twenty and haven’t yet. What makes you think—” Sarah gasped and set down her cookie. “You have met someone else.”

“No. That is—” Meg pushed back her chair and paced to the hearth. She shoved a few sticks onto the already merrily crackling fire. Her face felt as hot as the flames.

“Who? When? Where?” Sarah posed the single words like sharp cracks of a whip. “Tell me.”

“It’s nothing.” Meg pressed her hands to her cheeks. “I only met him once, so I can’t have any feelings for him. But there’s something about his spirit. His eyes are warm, and he looks right at you like he’s not trying to hide anything. He—intrigues me.”

“Is this mysterious man handsome?” Sarah sounded like someone placating a child who talked about an imaginary playmate.

“Hmm.” Meg closed her eyes and conjured an image of Colin’s face. “I think some people would think so. He has very strong bones and beautiful green eyes and red hair.”

“Ugh, red hair.” Sarah made exaggerated shuddering noises. “That’s a vulgar color.”

The Glassblower is a 2010 Carol Award Finalist and is available for purchase on the Heartsong Presents Website at
Question of the day: I love Marigold Carnival Glass, and I know someone who collects paperweights. Do you have any Carnival or Depression glass or a glass paperweight? Do you collect anything that is glass?


  1. Paperweights are anything that weighs more than paper around my desk, lol, and I don't collect anything that is glass with two little ones running around, but this sounds really interesting.

    I'll have to check out Marigold Carnival Glass.

    They won't always be little :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't collect glass, my mom likes jars and we have some blue glass Mason jars. Those look really neat with buttons in them. :)

  3. In doing a little research, I learned yesterday that the Ball and Mason Glass companies both had factories in Coffeyville, Kansas. They made thousands of canning jars in that little town. What a fun little discovery. :)

  4. I have a bell collection. My favorite one is made of Venetian glass, a gift from my tax accountant. LOL It's delicate and intricate and surprisingly strong.

    Blown glass has always fascinated me. But with cats running around, my bells are not packed away until I can get a closed cabinet to keep them safe.

  5. I love Fenton Art Glass! I have several pieces including deer and duck figurines and a set of various pieces in spruce green painted with the magnolias and grapes pattern.

  6. Aaron, I watched a PBS special about Fenton Art Glass once. It was fascinating!