Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Wednesday Friday Five :)

Each week on my personal blog I do what I call The Friday Five. This is one of the most popular posts each week, and I love doing them. Readers learn about me, and when they offer their own answers to the Friday Five, I learn about them.

Basically, it’s five things about me on a given topic. At the moment I’m going through the alphabet, one letter each week, telling the readers four things I like that start with that letter and one thing I don’t. But I've covered dozens of other topics.

I’ve covered topics like:

Favorite Candies

Memories of my Mother-in-law

Animals with funny names

Animals that look funny to me

Things I remember from First Grade

And so many more. I've been doing this pretty much every week since April 12th of 2007. If you go to my blog and use the search feature at the top for The Friday Five, you’ll find dozens of posts that give you a peek into my mind. (Scary place that it is.)

Why do I have the Friday Five each week on my blog? Some weeks when I can’t think of what to post, I wonder that very thing. But the truth is, I blog because I want to make friends, and friendships are formed through finding out our common ground and where our lives intersect.

I hope I’m accomplishing that on my personal blog, and we as the moderators of the Heartsong Connections blog hope we’re facilitating the forming of friendships between authors and readers by hosting the authors here where they can share a bit of their lives. Hopefully readers will find some common ground, places where our lives intersect, where we’ve had the same experiences.

I’ll give you a quick Friday Five on a Wednesday, and I hope you’ll chime in with some of your own.

Since school just started across most of the country, I’ll tell you five things I loved about the first day of school when I was a kid.

1. New crayons. Was there ever anything better than a box of new, never-before-been-used crayons?

2. Seeing friends. There were some kids we never saw outside of school, and it was always great to be reunited.

3. New tennis shoes. I wore Converse tennis shoes from Sears when I was in early elementary school. Black canvas ones with the rubber toe caps and big silver grommets for the laces.

4. New books. I’m a sucker for a new book, even new school books, but my favorite was a new reader. Stories to take me far away.

5. The fresh start. Feeling as if everything was new and possible and pit-fall free.

So, how about you? What did you like about the first day of school?


  1. I love the start of school! I remember coming home and covering books with those paper covers they gave us. lol Fun memories.

  2. New clothes! We always started school with a few new outfits which included shoes.

  3. Hey Erica,
    Sorry, but I can't give you five as I have to admit there was NOTHING I liked about the first day of school. I never liked school until I got to college, and even then the first day was a bit daunting. I guess, though, this is why I ended up teaching on the college level. By the way, I will be working on "Before the Dawn" pretty soon. Looking forward to it!

  4. I liked making bookcovers out of paper bags for my schoolbooks. And school pictures, I never liked my own much, but I did like trading pictures with my friends.

  5. Sherrinda, we never had to do the book covers when I was a kid. Most of our books were 'consumables.' But when I was student teaching, I loved all the ways kids expressed their creativity through the artwork on their book covers.

    Rose, new clothes! I remember when we switched from public school to private school suddenly my Toughskin jeans wouldn't do! We had to go shopping for dresses.

    Aaron, that surprises me that you weren't all that gung-ho about school starting each year. I had you pegged as loving school--I guess because you're a teacher now. I hope you like BTD! :)

    Linda, I love your school pictures!

  6. I'd follow you anywhere for these Friday, eh hem, Wednesday Fives. :D

    I liked the quiet. Quiet. Quiet!!!

    ~ Wendy

  7. Nothing! I hated school, from start to finish, because I had to pay attention and couldn't daydream.

  8. I didn't like much about the first day at school because I was shy and there were all those new students, new teachers, sometimes even a whole new school to get to know. I loved the shopping for supplies ahead of time -- I still can't resist collecting empty notebooks and new pens -- and labeling and organizing everything. The one consolation about heading off for that first day was knowing I would soon be using those supplies... writing on the fresh new pages. My printing and writing was always sooooo neat for the first week or so. LOL

    Your Friday (or Wednesday) Fives are great because they give all of us a peek through a crack in the professional persona to the real person behind it, both yours and those who share in the comments. It helps build the personal community, and I like that.

  9. I love new pencils. Way better than the eraserless stubs from last year. :)


  10. I liked meeting new students... if there were any... Obviously there are this year since I started college, but in younger years, I came from a very small school so it was obvious when we got a new student. We already knew everybody else.

  11. I liked meeting new students... if there were any... Obviously there are this year since I started college, but in younger years, I came from a very small school so it was obvious when we got a new student. We already knew everybody else.

    Oops, forgot to put my name.
    Siri. ^_^

  12. I'm with you--new crayons are the best! My long standing love of office supplies started young. OK, you can't really count crayons as an office supply, but it was definitely a lead-in.

  13. Wendy, thank you for coming by today! :) I had a teacher who used to yell "FREEZE!" and slap down the bank of light switches. It's amazing what contorted positions 2nd graders can get into in a split second. :)

    Shannon, I never let being told to pay attention interfere with my daydreaming. :D

    Carol, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy the 'fives.' I'm with you, my penmanship would be great for a few days, then I'd revert to my former ways. Now if I have to write something down, I use all caps, so I can read it later. :)

  14. Heather! I love new pencils too. I hate that black gunk that builds up on an eraser, especially when I do crossword puzzles from the paper...not that I need an eraser too often (insert whistling here paired with innocent look...)

    Siri! I went to a microscopic sized school, and a new, I almost feel sorry for them, because when the entire 7-12 grade has 18 students, a new one sticks out like a beacon.

    Georgiana, I have a feeling if you ever won the lottery, you might plunder the closest Office Max first!