Thursday, September 16, 2010

From The Vault

Stillwater Promise

by Becky Melby and Cathy Wienke

H S #857

How can Sara trust a man who abandoned her twice?

When Sara's dream of her own bed-and-breakfast is finally coming true, the man who left her twice shows up wanting to be her prince again. Life has been harsh for James since he ran out on Sara for the second time. None of his music dreams have been realized. As a new Christian, he truly wants to make amends - but knows he won't be welcomed warmly. Will James and Sara surrender their marriage to the Lord? Or will misconceptions and selfish ambitions once again cause James to run?

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods? Is Autumn approaching?


  1. The cover on this book made me long for cooler temps. Yesterday was day 63 of over 100 degree weather since the end of May. (An average summer is about 47 days, so you can understand my disenchantment.) Oh how I wish fall were headed my direction, but here in Tucson, summer marches on. June-September are roasty-toasty, but we have 8 months of gorgeous weather, so I guess I can hang on another month. My hope is that it's cooler wherever you are.

  2. Well, it's not quite as hot as it was a month ago. It's only been in the mid 90s, but it has felt a little cooler as the humidity is not as bad. We had a nice cool spell over the Labor Day weekend which served to whet my appetite. Being a Tennessee boy, I love fall weather and am hoping Mississippi has some cooler temps than usual this year.

  3. So, Aaron, I'm not the only one who's on slow bake this summer. How long have you been in Mississippi? Are the seasons a lot different than in Tennessee?

  4. I came to Mississippi to go to college and stayed to teach here so I have been here since 1983. Yes, the seasons and climate is very different, to me at least. I grew up in the mountains near Chattanooga, Tennessee, so we usually got a couple of good snows, as we called them, every winter. The fall was always spectacular with color. The spring is beautiful with blooms but still cool evenings and the summer gets warm and even hot, but the evening in the mountains usually cools things off a bit. Mississippi is great place to live, but the seasons aren't as distinct. The winters are usually milder, but the humidity actually makes it feel colder than it is just like it makes it feel hotter than it is in the summer, which is usually very hot.