Monday, September 13, 2010

Pure Serendipity by Becky Melby and Cathy Wienke

HP 917
ISBN 978-1-60260-954-9
Ruby knows life is short.

Her only daughter is finally married, and at sixty-three, Ruby Cholewinski isn’t going to waste a moment feeling sad about her empty nest. Life is short and Ruby intends to enjoy what’s left of it. When her new son-in-law’s best man interrupts her one-woman celebration and offers to join in, she finds it shockingly easy to be impulsive and spontaneous.
For eleven years, Burt Jacobs has convinced himself he’s perfectly happy living alone, but ten minutes with the feisty lady in red reveals the lie. After twenty-four hours with Ruby, his world has flipped upside-down—all for the better until the opinions of six women play havoc with his newfound joy.
Will Burt and Ruby get their second chance at love or will the people who think they know what’s best for them keep them apart?

A Wisconsin resident, BECKY MELBY has four sons and ten grandchildren. When not writing or spending time with family, Becky enjoys motorcycle rides with her husband and reading. Becky has co-authored several books with her writing partner Cathy Wienke for Barbour Publishing.

Wisconsin native CATHY WIENKE and her husband have two sons, a daughter, and three grandchildren. Her favorite pastimes include reading and walking her dog. Cathy has co-authored numerous books with her writing partner Becky Melby for Barbour Publishing.

Have you ever partnered with a good good friend on a project and what was it? Can be anything from a grade school project to business venture or anything inbetween.


  1. I like the premise of this book--it sounds really neat! :) Cute cover, too!

    I remember in middle school one of my friends and I did a class project together where we had to make a "movie" clip based off of an article we were given, or something like that. Anyway, we ended up doing it like a news spot, and we added our own commercials and such to go along with it (aided by my sister and another good friend). It was quite fun--and funny, later on. ;)

    One "commercial" that we made involved my friend carrying a heavy backpack on her back, looking like she was weighted down by a bag full of rocks--walking slow and everything. Then I walk across the screen with my rolling backpack--speedy, and looking like I could take on the world. ;) Some of those projects from middle school and early high school were pretty entertaining!



  2. Partnering with something???, LOL
    I'm partnering with my husband to TRY and raise these little men behind me making bumping and laughing noises!

    I'm partnering with one of my dear lifelong friends to write my current WIP.
    It's challenging not really knowing what she wants, but I'm just praying that the Lord work past my worries and let me just write what His story should be.

    Love the idea for this book! So sweet!

  3. Tonight I partnered with my visiting cousin and her daughter, and we built a jigsaw puzzle. Lots of laughter and good memories.

  4. My writing is a partnership. Diane and I were friends for about 10 years before deciding to write together. What started out as being for one series has turned into not wanting to do it any other way as we love writing together.

  5. In sixth grade I partnered with my best friend to write a love song. Since then, I've partnered with many people on work projects, parties and showers. My favorite is my partnership with my husband as grandparents. What a joy!

  6. I partnered with a dear friend to do a Mother Daughter Victorian banquet. It was so much work but was so lovely!