Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guest Blog with Sandra Robbins Day One


It's never too late - in fiction or in life - to revise. ~Nancy Thayer

I first read that quote a few years ago on a friend’s blog. Since that time, I have often thought of it and how it applies to my personal life as well as my writing. When I begin a new story, I plot for days, weeks, or months before I began putting words on paper. After the first draft of the story is finished, then the next stage begins. I spend as much time rewriting as I did when I first penned the words. The end result is always a stronger story that will have more appeal to readers.

However, revising in fiction has little meaning for most people. The second part of that quote holds the key to what makes for success and happiness and can have meaning for everyone. We've all known people who have embarked upon new ventures late in life or those who have made drastic changes in lifestyle.

Many of us have dreams we've never accomplished or something in our life we want to change, and sometimes accomplishing these tasks seems too overwhelming to even attempt. So we squander our days and put off doing what we yearn for.

I was guilty of doing that. For years I ignored the urging that God was giving me to write a book. How could I be successful? It was too late in life for me to pursue the dream I’d always had, but God wouldn’t give up. One night I sat down and began to write, and now I’m a published author.

Some might wonder what gave me the strength and fortitude to revise my life—to retire from a job I loved and devote my time to writing. I didn’t do it alone. The answer lies in the One who breathes life into me. With His help I accomplished things I could never have done on my own.
How would you like to revise your life? Write a book, change a habit, connect with friends from years ago, pursue a hobby? Whatever the desire that is in your heart, it’s possible for you to accomplish it if you surrender your will to the creator. He’s waiting to set aside all your fears if you put your trust in Him.

So what are you waiting for? If I did it, you can, too. Revise, revise, revise.
Is there something you've been putting off? Something as big as a dream or as small as making a call, cleaning out a drawer, or sending a card?


  1. Yes, there are a couple of things in my life that could use a little attention. Today I will make that phone call. And I will think about my closet that sure could use some work. And that picture project--I've put it off for years. Why start now? Maybe 2011...

  2. Hi Jeri. It's so hard some times to get started, isn't it? I know from personal experience. I wouldn't want you to see my closets. I hope you have a great day no matter what you do.